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  *底* | 底* | *底
background / bottom / base / end (of the month, year etc) / remnants / (math.) radix / base
  *底* | 底* | *底
(equivalent to as possessive particle)
bottom line; the limit of what one is prepared to accept / (sports) baseline / (sewing) under thread / spy; informer; plant
ground or first floor / bottom (of a pile) / lowest rung (of society)
base / pedestal / foundation
the location below sth / afterwards
inside information / concrete details
Detroit, Michigan
cards in one's hand / (fig.) undisclosed strength or information / hidden trump
bottom / bottom side / bottom surface
lung capacity / lung power / stamina / confidence
basic salary / base pay / salary floor
inside information / the ins and outs of the matter / how things stand / what's up
base / foundation / bottom
negative / photographic plate
base fertilizer
radix / base (math.)
base (of a triangle) / base line / hem line (of skirt)
lowest limit / bottom line
(photography) negative / photographic plate / (printing) plate / block
(literary) end / limit
(literary) to quell an insurgency / (Tw) to settle (a matter)
benthic foraminifera
bottom quark (particle physics)
base ingredient / base (cooking) / primer (paint)
upside down / upturned
Tigris River, Iraq
Tigris River, Iraq
Thebes, place name in ancient Egypt / Thebes, ancient Greek city state
stock (cooking) / base (of sauce or gravy)
lower boundary
bottom / bottom side / end part
bottom valve / foot valve

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