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  *年* | 年* | *年
year / CL: 個|个
  *年* | 年* | *年
grain / harvest (old) / variant of
grade / year (in school, college etc) / CL: 個|个
(a person's) age / CL: , 個|个
a decade of a century (e.g. the Sixties) / age / era / period / CL: 個|个
year (e.g. school year, fiscal year) / annual
  *年* | 年* | *年
surname Nian
end of the year
particular year / certain year / given year
the end of the year / year-end
annuity / pension / superannuation
beginning of the year
annual report
annual meeting
this past year / over the last years
end of the year
year after year / yearly / every year / annually
timeline / chronology / annals / financial year / year
annual leave / New Year holidays
in the years of / during those years / period (of dynasty or decade)
annual production
annual salary
annual report / yearbook / almanac
during the current year
start of the year / whole year / a particular year / period / days / epoch / a year's harvest
annual average (rate)
lunar New Year's Eve
merchandise sold for Chinese New Year
age limit / fixed number of years
reign title / era name (name for either the entire reign of an emperor or one part of it) / year number (such as 2016 or 甲子)
New Year's Eve family dinner
to make more youthful / to promote younger staff
young / underage
months and year / time / days of one's life
New Year (Spring Festival) picture
young / junior
old / aged
annual shareholders' meeting
calendar / diary
years of age / age
annual meeting / annual general meeting (AGM)
end of the year
the New Year festival
annual budget
annual ring / growth ring
full of youthful vigor (idiom) / in the prime of youth
over the years / year after year
Spring Festival atmosphere / festive ambiance of Chinese New Year
period of ... years
chronicle (of sb's life)
old in years
young and promising
age group
annual rate of growth
age and experience / seniority
old and weak (idiom)
annual interest
end of the year
young and vigorous (idiom)
over seventy years old
old and weak (idiom)
young and vigorous (idiom)
years of age / age
length of life / life span
years / time / age
aged and respected / senior
a year, more or less / years
to be advanced in both years and virtue (idiom)
lit. older brother / fig. fellow students who are successful in the imperial examinations
lunar new year
date and time of a person's birth / age
within the year / in the middle of the year / mid-year
the year's harvest
before the end of the year / before the new year
yearly salary
young people / youngster
old and in a state of disrepair (idiom) / dilapidated
annual report
annual range (temperature, humidity etc)
last day of the lunar year / Chinese New Year's Eve
beginning of an age / beginning of a decade
chronology (the science of determining the dates of past events)
increase in salary according to one's service record for the year (idiom)
member of a group who have gone through some experience in the same year
average annual sunshine
young and inexperienced / unsophisticated
the years have already gone by / to be too old
lit. (may you) have abundance year after year / (an auspicious saying for the Lunar New Year)
annual income
Nyang qu or Nian chu River in Tibet, a tributary of Yarlung Tsangpo
erhua variant of 年畫|年画
nian gao, New Year cake, typically a sweet, steamed cake made with glutinous rice flour
year-end bonus
camaraderie between persons who have gone through some experience in the same year
baumkuchen (cake)

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