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common sense / general knowledge / CL: 門|门
in common usage
commonly seen / common / to see sth frequently
code of conduct / conventions / common practice / routine (medical procedure etc)
frequently / often
Changshu, county-level city in Suzhou 蘇州|苏州, Jiangsu
Changzhou prefecture-level city in Jiangsu
room temperature / ordinary temperatures
Changde prefecture-level city in Hunan
standing committee
normal state
ordinary person
all year round / for years on end / average year
routine / everyday business / daily operation (of a company)
member of standing committee
long-term resident / permanent residence / eternalism (permanence of soul, Sanskrit Sassatavada)
Changshan county in Quzhou 衢州, Zhejiang
a constant (math.)
common sense / conventional reasoning and morals
a constant (physics, math.)
resident / permanent (representative)
frequent visitor / fig. sth that crops up frequently
Changning, county-level city in Hengyang 衡陽|衡阳, Hunan
(of an organization etc) standing or permanent
a person who regularly walks by the river cannot avoid getting their shoes wet (proverb) / (fig.) it comes with the territory (e.g. a person with the power to grant favors will inevitably succumb to temptation and take a bribe)
common saying
evergreen tree
common sense / the way people usually feel about things
  *常* | 常* | *常
surname Chang
  *常* | 常* | *常
always / ever / often / frequently / common / general / constant
to visit frequently / to have frequent dealings (with) / to see each other often
fixed salary of an official
Ivy League school
normal practice
Avoirdupois Weight, a system of weights based on the 16-ounce pound (or 7,000 grains)
(Tw) grouping of students into classes of mixed ability
convention / normal practice / conventional treatment
Changshu, county-level city in Suzhou 蘇州|苏州, Jiangsu
normal and proper practice / conventional practice / common occurrence
common problems / FAQ
frequently asked questions / FAQ
frequently / often / usually / regularly
to commit (an error) often / common (mistake)
permanent member state (of the UN Security Council)
eternalism (permanence of soul, Sanskrit śāśvata-vāda)
standing committee (e.g. of National People's Congress)
permanent member of council
Ever Victorious Army (1860-1864), Qing dynasty army equipped and trained jointly with Europeans and used esp. against the Taiping rebels
Changning, county-level city in Hengyang 衡陽|衡阳, Hunan
Changshan county in Quzhou 衢州, Zhejiang
Changzhou prefecture-level city in Jiangsu
ordinary differential equation (ODE)
Changde prefecture in Hunan
Changde prefecture-level city in Hunan
Changde sixian, theatrical folk music style with singing in Changde dialect accompanied by traditional string instruments
normal distribution (in statistics)
normal distribution (in statistics)
normalized (statistics) / to normalize (relations etc) / to become the norm
autosomal chromosome / autosome / autosomal
norm (typically observed pattern)
everyday implement / object of everyday use
everyday words
evergreen plant
conventional weapon
as the saying goes / as they say...
Ivy League
constant term (in a math expression)

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