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  *巴* | 巴* | *巴
Ba state during Zhou dynasty (in east of modern Sichuan) / abbr. for east Sichuan or Chongqing / surname Ba / abbr. for Palestine or Palestinian / abbr. for Pakistan
  *巴* | 巴* | *巴
to long for / to wish / to cling to / to stick to / sth that sticks / close to / next to / spread open / informal abbr. for bus 巴士 / bar (unit of pressure) / nominalizing suffix on certain nouns, such as 尾巴, tail
bus (loanword) / motor coach
Paris, capital of France
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), German composer (Tw)
Bath city in southwest England
croton (Croton tiglium), evergreen bush of Euphorbiaceae family 大戟科 / croton seed, a strong purgative
bus stop
(suffix) very / extremely
Ba Jin (1904-2005), novelist, author of the trilogy , ,
Pali, language of Theravad Pali canon / Barry (name) / Gareth Barry (1981-), English footballer
The Bahamas
Barcelona (Tw)
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), German composer
Barca (nickname for FC Barcelona) / Baza (town in Grenada, Spain)
baroque (loanword)
palm of the hand / classifier: slap
Bali (island in Indonesia)
pug (breed of dog)
island of Bali
Barbados, Caribbean island (Tw)
Barth or Barthes (name) / Roland Barthes (1915-1980), French critic and semiotician
Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) / (coll.) Pakistani brethren / Pakistani comrades / abbr. for 巴基斯坦鐵哥們|巴基斯坦铁哥们
Papua New Guinea
Klang (city in Malaysia)
Bali (island province of Indonesia)
Basque / the Basque Country
Papua New Guinea (esp. Taiwan usage)
Bari (Puglia, Italy)
Barclay or Berkeley (name)
Mt Ba in eastern Sichuan
Baghdad, capital of Iraq
Baltimore (place name, surname etc)
Basel, Switzerland
Barbara (name)
Baruch (name) / Baruch, disciple of Jeremiah / book of Baruch in the Apocrypha
Baden (region in Germany)
abbr. for Papua New Guinea 巴布亞紐幾內亞|巴布亚纽几内亚 (esp. Taiwan usage)
to fawn on / to curry favor with / to make up to
Tower of Babel, in Genesis 11:5-foll.
Balkan Peninsula
the Bastille (Paris)
Badong county in Enshi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture 恩施土家族苗族自治州, Hubei
(coll.) to be eager for / to long for / to look forward to
Sichuan / originally two provinces of Qin and Han
Bayan Nur prefecture-level city in Inner Mongolia
Parkinson's disease
Bashi Channel between south Taiwan and Luzon Island, north the Philippines
Notre-Dame Cathedral (Paris, France)
Bazhong prefecture-level city in Panzhihua 攀枝花, south Sichuan
Baku, capital of Azerbaijan
Panama Canal
Burberry (brand)
Bacchus, Greek god of wine
Palermo, Italy
Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), French chemist and microbiologist
Bazhong prefecture-level city in Panzhihua 攀枝花, south Sichuan
arrogant / flashy / impressive (Cantonese)
Lake Balkhash in southeast Kazakhstan
Brasilia, capital of Brazil
Bob Dylan, American folk singer (1941-)
Barclays Bank
Barack, Barak, Ballack (name)
to look forward to
percent (loanword)
Pali, language of Theravad Pali canon
bazaar (loanword)
Valencia, Spain
bassoon (loanword)
Baha'i (religion)
Panama City
Banan district of central Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan
University of Paris
pug (breed of dog)
Pavlov (name) / Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849-1936), Russian experimental psychologist
Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850), French novelist, author of series La comédie humaine
Palestinian-Israeli (relations)
Bayan Nur prefecture-level city in Inner Mongolia
Maralbeshi nahiyisi (Maralbexi county) in Kashgar prefecture 喀什地區|喀什地区, west Xinjiang
Badong county in Enshi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture 恩施土家族苗族自治州, Hubei
bazaar (loanword) / Taiwan pr. [ba1 cha4]
Bayan county in Harbin 哈爾濱|哈尔滨, Heilongjiang
baroque (period in Western art history) (loanword)
Ba Maw

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