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  *就* | 就* | *就
at once / right away / only / just (emphasis) / as early as / already / as soon as / then / in that case / as many as / even if / to approach / to move towards / to undertake / to engage in / to suffer / subjected to / to accomplish / to take advantage of / to go with (of foods) / with regard to / concerning
to get a job / employment
nearby / in a close neighborhood
(emphasizes that sth is precisely or exactly as stated) / precisely / exactly / even / if / just like / in the same way as
will / shall / to be going to
in other words / that is
granted that / even if
to receive medical treatment
to go to school
to see a doctor / to seek medical advice
at this point / thus / from then on
employment service / job placement service / jobseeker assistance
to take office / to assume a post
locally / on the spot
to be ready / to be in order
to dine
employment rate
employment opportunity / job opening
to attend school
to take office / to assume a post
(Tw) employment service (abbr. for 就業服務|就业服务)
to take a seat
to discuss sth on its own merits / to judge the matter as it stands
to set off / to take to the road
inaugural lecture
to be killed for a righteous cause / to die a martyr
inside story
inaugural speech
then it's too late (colloquial)
at sb's convenience / in passing / while doing it
to be taken prisoner
(literary and deferential) to solicit comments (on one's writing)
to submit / to give in
to be next to (colloquial)
to go to sleep / to go to bed (literary)
to act as companion
to be placed in a coffin / to die
to draw on local resources / using materials at hand
to execute on the spot (idiom); summary execution / to carry out the law on the spot
Employment Stability Fee (Taiwan), a minimum monthly fee for employing foreign workers

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