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  *寒* | 寒* | *寒
cold / poor / to tremble
winter vacation
cold (climate) / frigid / very cold
poor and humble family / my family (humble)
cold air
a nip in the air / chilliness
cold wave / CL:
cold food (i.e. to abstain from cooked food for 3 days around the Qingming festival 清明節|清明节) / the Qingming festival
Cambrian geological period (541-485.4 million years ago)
Hanting district of Weifang city 濰坊市|潍坊市, Shandong
(bird species of China) Eurasian jackdaw (Coloeus monedula)
wretched / poverty-stricken / unpresentable (for clothing, gifts etc)
a life of strenuous studies (idiom)
to exchange conventional greetings / to talk about the weather
Hanting district of Weifang city 濰坊市|潍坊市, Shandong
cicada in winter / fig. mournful sound
cold air current / cold ocean current / cold stream
winter clothing
Hanlu or Cold Dew, 17th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 8th-22nd October
my humble home
disillusioned / bitterly disappointed / terrified
polar climate
fine hair on the human body
a shiver
to glitter like frost and snow (idiom)
bone chilling wind (idiom)
the Cambrian explosion
variant of 寒磣|寒碜
of humble origin
the Cambrian explosion
the Cambrian explosion
(polite) my wife (old)
to exchange conventional greetings / to exchange pleasantries
polite set phrase / salutation / pleasantries
chilly weather / (loanword from Japanese) agar-agar
ugly / shameful / to ridicule

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