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palace / CL:
  *宮* | 宮* | *宮
surname Gong
  *宮* | 宮* | *宮
palace / temple / castration (as corporal punishment) / first note in pentatonic scale
court (of king or emperor)
palace maid / CL: 個|个, ,
Miyagi prefecture in the north of Japan's main island Honshū 本州
imperial concubine or palace maid / imperial secretary (old)
house (astrology)
Kung Pao Chicken / spicy diced chicken
modes of ancient Chinese music
Miyagi prefecture in the north of Japan's main island Honshū 本州
Miyazaki prefecture in east Kyūshū 九州, Japan
Taoist temple
Miyazaki (Japanese surname and place name)
imperial empress / milady
Miyamoto (Japanese surname)
castration (archaic punishment)
cervix / neck of the uterus
contraction of the uterus (during childbirth)
Miyazaki Hayao (1941-), Japanese director
palace apartments
pre-Tang names of the five notes of the pentatonic scale, corresponding roughly to do, re, mi, sol, la
intrauterine device (IUD)
gong bao chicken / spicy diced chicken
Miyazaki Gorō (1967-), Japanese film director
stir-fried diced pork
Kiichi Miyazawa (1919-2007), former Japanese prime minister

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