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to run quickly / to speed / to gallop
to rush about / to be constantly on the move
Benz (name) / Mercedes-Benz, German car maker
to run
Pentium (microprocessor by Intel)
(of waves) to surge forward / to roll on in waves / to gallop
  *奔* | 奔* | *奔
to hurry / to rush / to run quickly / to elope
  *奔* | 奔* | *奔
to go to / to head for / towards
  *奔* | 奔* | *奔
(used in given names) / variant of
  *奔* | 奔* | *奔
variant of / variant of
to rush to / to hurry to
(neologism) to meet sb in real life after forming a relationship online
long-range raid
to run / to rush about / to be on the go
sth to strive for / prospect
bold and unrestrained / untrammeled
(literary) (swift like a) speeding horse
to flee / to run away
to be busy rushing about / to bustle about
to hasten home for the funeral of a parent or grandparent
to spread the news (idiom)
to fly to the moon
to flow at great speed / to pour / racing current
to rush about on errands / to be kept on the run
(of torrents) rush down / pour down
Pentium III microprocessor, abbr. for 奔騰三|奔腾三
to be pushing 30
lit. Rushing Clan, generation born between 1975-1985 and China's most hedonistic and hard-working social group (netspeak)
to be pushing 40
erhua variant of 奔頭|奔头

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