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clip / clamp / tongs / folder / wallet
to mix together (disparate substances) / to mingle / a mix / to be tangled up with
  *夹* | 夹* | *夹
to press from either side / to place in between / to sandwich / to carry sth under armpit / wedged between / between / to intersperse / to mix / to mingle / clip / folder / Taiwan pr. [jia2]
  *夹* | 夹* | *夹
double-layered / lined (garment)
  *夹* | 夹* | *夹
Taiwan pr. used in 夾生|夹生 and 夾竹桃|夹竹桃
hollow layer between two solid layers / (architecture) mezzanine
jacket (loanword) / also pr. [jia2 ke4]
clamp / fixture (machining)
angle (between two intersecting lines)
to fill with stuffing (e.g. in cooking) / stuffed
wooden boards used to press sth together / (medicine) splint
crack / crevice
pincer attack / attack from two or more sides / converging attack / attack on a flank / fork in chess, with one piece making two attacks
Jiajiang county in Leshan 樂山|乐山, Sichuan
to carry within it / to be mixed in / to slip sth in / to intersperse / (hydrology etc) to entrain / to smuggle / notes smuggled into an exam
a narrow street (lined with walls) / to line the street
attack from two sides / pincer movement / converging attack / attack on a flank / fork in chess, with one piece making two attacks
half-cooked / (fig.) not completely done, solved, developed etc / Taiwan pr. [jia4 sheng5]
lined jacket / double layered jacket / CL:
stuffed (of food) / with filling
leg vise (torture instrument)
completely mixed up / in a muddle
to clamp / tongs
to clamp / to grip
armpit / also written 胳肢窩|胳肢窝
to nip (i.e. cut short) / to pinch off
crucial moment / critical time
chuck (for a drill etc)
critical annotations between the lines
to cut into a line / queue-jumping
(coll.) to induce an abortion (Tw)
to have one's tail between one's legs
Jiashan National Forest Park in Shimen 石門|石门, Changde 常德, Hunan
Jiashan Temple, Buddhist temple in Shimen county 石門縣|石门县, Changde 常德, Hunan, the purported final home and burial place of late Ming peasant rebel leader Li Zicheng 李自成
sandwich generation
sandwich cookie / (jocular) sb who is caught between two opposing parties; sb who is between the hammer and the anvil
Jiajiang county in Leshan 樂山|乐山, Sichuan
half-cooked rice / (fig.) half-finished job that is difficult to complete because it was not done properly in the first instance / Taiwan pr. [jia4 sheng5 fan4]
erhua variant of 夾當|夹当
oleander (Nerium indicum) / Taiwan pr. [jia4 zhu2 tao2]
to tuck one's tail between one's legs / fig. to back down / in a humiliating situation
to line the streets in welcome

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