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a (married) couple / husband and wife / CL: 對|对
lady / madam / Mrs. / CL:
  *夫* | 夫* | *夫
husband / man / manual worker / conscripted laborer (old)
  *夫* | 夫* | *夫
(classical) this, that / he, she, they / (exclamatory final particle) / (initial particle, introduces an opinion)
Master / (old form of address for teachers, scholars) / pedant
husband and wife / married couple
fig. the man sings and the woman follows / fig. marital harmony
(literary) husband
authority over the household
man and wife fall out (idiom, from Book of Changes); marital strife
appearing to be praising others while actually praising yourself / one's criticism of others exposes one's own faults
corvee / laborer
Pu'yo, Korean Buyeo (c. 200 BC-494 AD), ancient kingdom in northeast frontier region of China
family-run shop
similarity in features of an old couple / common facial traits that show predestination to be married together
popular Sichuan cold dish made of thinly sliced beef and beef offal

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