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to duplicate / to make a copy of / to copy / to reproduce / to clone
  *复* | 复* | *复
to go and return / to return / to resume / to return to a normal or original state / to repeat / again / to recover / to restore / to turn over / to reply / to answer / to reply to a letter / to retaliate / to carry out
  *复* | 复* | *复
to repeat / to double / to overlap / complex (not simple) / compound / composite / double / diplo- / duplicate / overlapping / to duplicate
  *复* | 复* | *复
variant of 復|复 / to reply to a letter
(of people who were estranged) to be reconciled / (of a couple) to get back together
complex / compound / composite / hybrid
complicated / complex
to review / revision / CL:
variant of 復習|复习
to avenge / vengeance
to return to old ways (a Confucian aspiration) / to turn back the clock / neoclassical school during Tang and Song associated with classical writing 古文 / retro (fashion style based on nostalgia, esp. for 1960s)
Fuxing district of Handan city 邯鄲市|邯郸市, Hebei / Fuxing or Fuhsing township in Taoyuan county 桃園縣|桃园县, north Taiwan
to revive / to rejuvenate
Fudan University, Shanghai, abbr. for 復旦大學|复旦大学
to revive / (lit. and fig.) to come back to life / (religion) resurrection
to photocopy / to duplicate a document
Fudan University, Shanghai
to sit for the second round of a two-stage exam
double / multiple / compound / combined / double-entry (accounting)
Avengers (comics)
photocopy / duplicate
plural / complex number (math.)
to review a judicial case / to reexamine
to reconsider / to reexamine / to review (e.g. a report prior to accepting it)
to recover (health, economic) / to resuscitate / anabiosis
variant of 復甦|复苏 / to recover (health, economic) / to resuscitate / anabiosis
rechecking / re-inspection / reexamination
composite material
to restore sb or sth to its original position / to regain the throne / to reset (a dislocated joint, an electronic device etc) / reset
to reconsider
to restore (sth) to (its) former condition / to recover from illness / recovery
to come back out of retirement / to get involved again after having withdrawn
check box
to recur (of a disease) / to reappear / to relapse (into a former bad state)
compound prescription (involving several medicines)
to return to the same school and repeat a course from which one has already graduated, as a result of failing to get good enough results to progress to one's desired higher-level school
(of an audio device) to repeat a recorded phrase (e.g. for language learning)
(sports) semifinal or quarterfinal / to compete in a semifinal (or a quarterfinal)
compound interest
plural form (of a countable noun)
complex plane
to come back / to return
to repeat (one's own words or sb else's) / (in the classroom) to paraphrase what one has learned
variant of 複述|复述
to reappear / to persist (in memory)
photocopier paper
to remarry (the same person)
to return to work (after stoppage)
to complicate / to become complicated
to duplicate / to carbon copy
replica / reproduction
to be reborn / to recover / to come back to life / to regenerate
Fuxingmen neighborhood of Beijing
repechage (supplementary qualifying round in sports)
(math.) complex variable
to demobilize / demobilization
function of a complex variable (math.)
another visit to doctor / further diagnosis
compound word
student who repeats (a course, grade etc) at school
complex system
to return to school (after an interruption) / to resume one's studies
compound leaf (botany)
Fuxing district of Handan city 邯鄲市|邯郸市, Hebei
metathesis (chemistry)
multiple track (e.g. rail) / multi-lane (e.g. highway) / the complex line (math.)
to recover one's power or authority / restoration (of a past regime)
compound phrase
to resume smoking (after giving up) / to relapse into smoking or drug abuse
the Renaissance
carbon paper
rehabilitation / recuperate
to return / to come back
double vision / diplopia
compound final
to germinate again
to resume a meeting
two-character surname such as 司馬|司马 or 諸葛|诸葛
composite bow (archery)
to resume classes
Easter Island
Fudan University, Shanghai, abbr. for 復旦大學|复旦大学
to report on completion of a mission / debriefing
Fuxing or Fuhsing township in Taoyuan county 桃園縣|桃园县, north Taiwan
reduplication of words or syllables (as a stylistic device in Chinese)
variant of 復原|复原
anti-Qing revolutionary party set up in 1904 under Cai Yuanpei 蔡元培 / same as 光復會|光复会
compound eye
to restore old way / to return to the past
to reopen diplomatic relations
to demobilize / to transfer to other tasks (of troops)
double hearing / diplacusis
to resume a post
to reply to a letter
(math.) theory of functions of a complex variable
to restore (an ancient temple)

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