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memorandum / aide-memoire / memorandum book
  *备* | 备* | *备
variant of 備|备
  *备* | 备* | *备
to prepare / get ready / to provide or equip
to put on record / to file
remark / note
to prepare for an exam / (an appendix, note etc) for reference
reserve / spare / alternate / backup
(of a teacher) to prepare lessons
to fully experience (good or bad)
spare parts
prepared against war / to prepare for war / warmongering
for future reference
alternative (plan, arrangement, strategy etc)
machine parts or tools kept in reserve / spare parts
to make preparations for plowing and sowing
to get the materials ready / to prepare feed (for livestock)
to the utmost / in every possible way
to prepare / to arrange (sth to be offered)
to provide (items for an event) / to cater / to make preparations
details / particulars
to be on the waiting list (for admission to a school)
to prepare against natural disasters
have sth ready just in case / keep sth for possible future use
spare tire / (slang) fallback guy (or girl)
to be trying to get pregnant
to get sth ready
backup (Tw)
an allowance / to allow for (a drop in value) (accountancy)
to know all about / to be informed of all the details
to have suffered all kinds of hardships (idiom)
backup regulator / octopus (diving)
backup ring
to prep a patient's skin prior to surgery (shaving hair, cleansing etc)

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