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  *堂* | 堂* | *堂
(main) hall / large room for a specific purpose / CL: 間|间 / relationship between cousins etc on the paternal side of a family / of the same clan / classifier for classes, lectures etc / classifier for sets of furniture
younger female patrilineal cousin
displaying strength and discipline / impressive / upright and frank / square
grand / magnificent / stately / majestic appearance
younger male patrilineal cousin
older female patrilineal cousin
overt / to make no secret (of one's presence) / grandiose / with great scope
older male patrilineal cousin
central room of a traditional Chinese house
imposing / grand
Don Quixote
father's brother's sons / paternal male cousin
variant of 唐花
remote relatives (with the same family name)
wife of older male cousin via male line
father's brother's daughters / paternal female cousin
(old) waiter / attendant
husband of younger female cousin via male line
side room of a hall
nephew by the male line
husband of older female cousin via male line
wife of younger male cousin via male line
wife of younger male cousin via male line / younger cousins via male line
older male patrilineal cousin

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