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  *在* | 在* | *在
(located) at / (to be) in / to exist / in the middle of doing sth / (indicating an action in progress)
to be in / to lie in / to consist in / to depend on / to rest with
to care about / equivalent of 在於|在于
hereto / here
to be employed / to be in post / on-the-job
(included) in it / among them
under / myself (humble)
to care about / to mind
near at hand / imminent / within sight
in my opinion / in my view
within China / during one's visit to China
to be a believer (in a religion, esp. Islam)
to be present
to be at home / (at a workplace) to be in (as opposed to being away on official business 出差) / (Buddhism etc) to remain a layman (as opposed to becoming a monk or a nun 出家)
in my opinion
ahead / formerly / in the past
to be present / to be on the scene
to be on the regular payroll / to be on the permanent staff
to be at large (of a criminal)
(adverbial expression indicating that the attention of the subject of the verb is focused on what they are doing, not distracted by anything else) / just ...ing (and nothing else)
outer / excluded
in Taiwan (used attributively)
in transit (of passengers, goods etc)
to come first / previous / prior / beforehand / first / formerly
before that / beforehand / previously
to be adept at sth / to be an expert in a trade or profession
(fig.) to hold in one's hands / to be within grasp
pendente lite / during litigation
to be alive
now / at the present
on the throne / reigning (monarch)
to be unavoidable (idiom)
during time / in this time
after this / from then on
before then / up until that point
soul and spirit of the deceased
not to refuse to (idiom) / not to hesitate to
reasonable / sensible
to possess / to be occupied or burdened with (work, a contract, a lawsuit)
sitting (currently serving, e.g. board members)
in a vacuum
irrespective of / to have no concerns whatsoever about
after this / afterwards / next
to be out of (political) office / to be out of power
at gunpoint
alongside / nearby
on-the-job training
meanwhile / at the same time
opposition party
one depends on one's parents when at home, and on one's friends when away from home (idiom)
one depends on one's parents when at home, and on one's friends when away from home (idiom)
reign (of a king, emperor etc)
lit. at home, one can spend a thousand days in comfort, but spending a day away from home can be challenging (idiom) / fig. there's no place like home
long-grained non-glutinous rice (Tw)
In the sky to be two birds flying wing to wing, on earth to be two trees with branches intertwined / wishing for conjugal bliss

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