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  *喷* | 喷* | *喷
to puff / to spout / to spray / to spurt
  *喷* | 喷* | *喷
(of a smell) strong / peak season (of a crop) / (classifier for the ordinal number of a crop, in the context of multiple harvests)
to spray paint or lacquer / lacquer
to spurt / to spray / to jet / spurt / spray / jet
mist spray / atomizing
sandblasting / abrasive blasting
to erupt / an eruption
to spray / to sprinkle
ink jet
nozzle / extrusion nozzle
jet / blast of air / spurt of gas
nozzle / spray-head
to shoot flames / to erupt (of volcanoes) / flaming (of flowers)
spout / spray / belch / to well up / to puff out / to spurt out
nebulizer / spray / atomizer
jet (engine, plane)
a fountain
spray bottle
jet (plane, engine) / spraying machine
sprayer / spraying apparatus / (slang) firearm / Internet troll / hater
jet aircraft
(coll.) to burst out laughing
to bubble out / to squirt
spinneret / extrusion nozzle
a spray
spray pool / spray condensing pool
extrusive rock (geology)
watering can
to gush / to squirt / to surge / to well out / to overflow
jet engine
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, R&D center in Pasadena, California
watering can / sprinkling can
to talk crap / to be full of shit
to be on the verge of eruption (idiom) / (of the sun) to emerge in all its brilliance
jet propulsion
to snort
erhua variant of 噴嘴|喷嘴

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