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  *哭* | 哭* | *哭
to cry / to weep
to weep
lit. not to know whether to laugh or cry (idiom) / both funny and extremely embarrassing / between laughter and tears
sound of weeping
to wail
to bawl, disturbing others
to lament / to complain tearfully / to wail accusingly
to wail at a funeral / formal wailing while offering sacrifice to the departed
to weep endlessly / interminable wailing
to pull a long face / to wear a mournful expression
to snivel (usually humorous)
to bewail one's poverty / to complain about being hard up / to pretend to be poor
to weep / to snivel
Wailing Wall, or Western Wall (Jerusalem)
to cry one's heart out
lit. cries of grief shake the heavens / great sorrow (idiom)
autumnal sadness
mourning staff draped in white, held at a funeral to show filial piety
sobbing tone / sob / dirge / opera tune portraying mourning
to weep before a coffin or a memorial to the dead
to wail and whine / piteous weeping
to pull a long face / sullen / also written 哭喪著臉|哭丧着脸

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