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  *哑* | 哑* | *哑
(onom.) sound of cawing / sound of infant learning to talk / variant of
  *哑* | 哑* | *哑
dumb / mute / hoarse / husky / unexploded (of artillery shell etc)
mute / muted / a dumb person / to be dumb
matte / non-glossy
dumbbell (weight)
dumbstruck and unable to reply (idiom); left speechless / at a loss for words
to mime / a dumb show
as if dumb / speechless
to laugh involuntarily / Taiwan pr. [e4 ran2 shi1 xiao4]
no choice but to suffer in silence (idiom) / also written 啞巴吃黃蓮|哑巴吃黄莲 / (often precedes 有苦說不出|有苦说不出)
pent-up unspoken grievances / suffering not willingly or possibly spoken of
sign language
puzzle / mystery
mute person / dumb person / (more commonly called 啞巴|哑巴)
to be forced to suffer in silence (idiom) / unable to speak of one's bitter suffering / sometimes written 啞子吃黃連有苦說不出|哑子吃黄连有苦说不出
drum practice pad (music) / a practice drum (music)
no choice but to suffer in silence (idiom) / also written 啞巴吃黃連|哑巴吃黄连 / (often precedes 有苦說不出|有苦说不出)
dumb terminal
blind spot / dead spot
silence reigns (idiom)

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