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character / intrinsic quality (of a person) / quality (of a product or service, or as in "quality of life", "air quality" etc)
breed / variety / CL: 個|个
moral character
to taste a small amount / to sample
  *品* | 品* | *品
(bound form) article; commodity; product; goods / (bound form) grade; rank / kind; type; variety / character; disposition; nature; temperament / to taste sth; to sample / to criticize; to comment; to judge; to size up / fret (on a guitar or lute)
brand name / trademark
category / kind
to sample / to taste / to appreciate / one's taste (i.e. in music, literature, fashion, food and drink etc) / good taste
name of product / brand name
one's character / fret (on fingerboard of lute or guitar)
rank / grade / quality / (aesthetic) taste
to taste wine / to sip wine
behavior / moral conduct
to judge / to examine / to evaluate
quality control
nature / characteristic / moral character
to taste tea / to sip tea
grade (quality of product)
to judge / to assess
excelling both in morals and studies (idiom); top marks for studies and for behavior (at school) / a paragon of virtue and learning
quality control (QC), abbr. for 品質控制|品质控制
strain (of a species)
Cabernet Franc (grape type)
conduct and learning (of an individual) / moral nature and skill
pink / light red
to taste tea / to sip tea
pinkish blue
behavior and appearance
pint (approx. 0.47 liter) (loanword)
lit. to assess the head and discuss the feet (idiom); minute criticism of a woman's appearance / fig. to find fault in minor details / nitpicking / overcritical
character / integrity
(old) rank and salary of an official post
to evaluate (an individual) / to appraise
light green
Shinagawa River / Shinagawa district of Tokyo
condition / physical appearance (of a museum piece, item of food produced by a chef, postage stamp etc)
to appreciate life
quality assurance (QA)
Pringles (snack food brand)
Shinagawa district of Tokyo
strain (of a species)
light blue
costume / ceremonial dress (determining the grade of an official)
grade (i.e. quality) / rank
variety / kind
to judge
Pinterest (photo-sharing website)
Pindar, Greek poet

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