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to tell / to inform / to let know
to leave / to bid farewell to / to say good-bye to
to say goodbye / to take one's leave
to warn / to admonish
to press charges / to file a complaint
to inform
  *告* | 告* | *告
to say / to tell / to announce / to report / to denounce / to file a lawsuit / to sue
to be in a state of emergency / to report an emergency / to ask for emergency assistance
to announce publicly / to explain oneself / to reveal one's feelings / to confess / to declare one's love
to end / to reach an end
to tell sb / to inform
parting ceremony / funeral
to lodge an accusation / accusation (law)
to inform against sb
to win / to be victorious / to report a victory
(dialect) to tell / to inform
to tell on sb / to complain (to a teacher, a superior etc) / to bring a lawsuit
(coll.) to tell
tell-tale / informer (esp. to police) / whistleblower / grass
to petition for retirement (old) / to ask for leave to withdraw / to ask to be excused
(of a project) to be completed
notice / placard / signboard
to inform / to tell
to fizzle out / to come to nothing
to run out / to have exhausted
to ask to be excused / to ask leave to go to the toilet
to beg for mercy
variant of 告誡|告诫
(literary) to inform (the public) / to give clear instructions / public announcement (from higher authorities)
to tell / to inform
to ask
(Christianity) to confess / confession / penance
to come to the end of a phase (idiom)

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