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  *含* | 含* | *含
to keep / to contain / to suck (keep in your mouth without chewing)
meaning (implicit in a phrase) / implied meaning / hidden meaning / hint / connotation
content / quantity contained
to contain / including
tearful / tearfully
metal bearing (ore) / gold bearing
Hanshan county in Chaohu 巢湖, Anhui
Hanshan county in Chaohu 巢湖, Anhui
ambiguous / vague / careless / perfunctory
to contain / to hold / (of a person or style etc) reserved / restrained / (of words, writings) full of hidden meaning / implicit / veiled (criticism)
tax inclusive
lozenge / cough drop
in bud / budding
containing calcium
containing phosphate
to have a smile on one's face
full of tender feelings (idiom); tender-hearted
(of a plant) to be in bud
containing air
containing oil / oil-bearing
unclear / indistinct / ambiguous
to suffer every possible torment (idiom); bitter hardship / to bear one's cross
to attack someone by innuendo (idiom) / to make oblique charges / to make insinuations / to insinuate
vague / unclear / ambiguous
to contain / to hold / content / (of a poem etc) full of implicit meaning
wronged / to suffer false accusations
sand content / quantity of sediment (carried by a river)
(of speech) obscure / unclear / (of actions) vague / ineffectual
to equivocate / to talk evasively (idiom)
to savor fine writing (idiom)
variant of 含糊
mimosa / sensitive plant (that closes its leaves when touched)
to make false accusations against sb (idiom)
to bear shame and humiliation (idiom)
permeated with beautiful music (idiom)
permeated with beautiful music (idiom)
to eat humble pie / to accept humiliation / to turn the other cheek
fine, lasting flavor (of literature)
oil bearing rock

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