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  *史* | 史* | *史
surname Shi
  *史* | 史* | *史
history / annals / title of an official historian in ancient China
an epic / poetic saga
Smith (name)
in history
history book
Records of the Grand Historian, by 司馬遷|司马迁, first of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史
Steve (male name)
unprecedented in history
historical fact
Steven, Stephen (name)
historical material or data
historical point of view / historically speaking
slime (loanword)
historical biography
scribe / court recorder / historian / historiographer
historical records
historical novel
Shizhoupian, early school primer in great seal script 大篆, attributed to King Xuan of Zhou 周宣王 but probably dating from c. 500 BC
Straw (name) / Jack Straw (1946-), UK Labour Party politician, foreign secretary 2001-2006
Sputnik, Soviet artificial Earth satellite / also written 斯普特尼克
(Tw) Strauss (name) / Johann Strauss (1825-1899), Austrian composer / Richard Strauss (1864-1949), German composer
Shi Siming (703-761), military colleague of An Lushan 安祿山|安禄山, participated in the 755-763 An-Shi Rebellion 安史之亂|安史之乱
Stallone (name) / Sylvester Stallone (1946-), American actor
Steve Jobs (1955-2011), US co-founder and CEO of Apple, Inc.
Snoopy (comic strip pet dog)
Stanford (University) / also written 斯坦福
menhir / prehistoric stone table
Swaziland (Tw)
Skopje, capital of North Macedonia (Tw)
Jonathan D Spence (1936-), distinguished British US historian of China, author of The Search for Modern China 追尋現代中國|追寻现代中国
Agnes Smedley (1892-1950), US journalist and activist, reported on China, esp. the communist side
prehistoric man
Staten Island, borough of New York City
Stacy (name)
Snoopy (comic strip pet dog)
Arnold Schwarzenegger / also written 阿諾德·施瓦辛格|阿诺德·施瓦辛格
official in charge of public records
prehistoric artifacts / ancient artifacts
(bird species of China) Styan's grasshopper warbler (Locustella pleskei)
Staples Inc., US office supply store
Stanford University
Schweppes (soft drinks company)
Steve Jobs (1955-2011), US co-founder and CEO of Apple, Inc.
Stephens / Stevens
Joseph Stilwell (1883-1946), commander of US forces in China, Burma and India in World War II

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