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additional / in addition / besides / separate / other / moreover / furthermore
  *另* | 另* | *另
other / another / separate / separately
to have some other (reason etc)
another / the other
to break up / to divide property and live apart / to start on a new (path)
(to do sth) separately / as a separate action
offbeat / alternative / avant-garde / unconventional / weird
to save (a file) after options (name, location, format etc) have been selected by the user
other half / (fig.) spouse / one's better half
to add to / supplementary
cf. / see also
lit. to set up a separate kitchen (idiom); to start from scratch / back to square one / to start of on a new path
to mail separately
on the other hand / another aspect
Save As ... (menu option in a software application)
to treat sb favorably / to view in a new light
another case (in law) / a case to treat separately
to treat differently / another cup of tea
to take an alternate route (idiom) / to find an alternative / to take a different approach / to blaze a new trail
to get a better job somewhere else (idiom) / to seek alternative employment
please find sb better qualified than me (idiom)
alternative medicine
to have an axe to grind (idiom)
to seek happiness elsewhere (euphemism for extramarital sex) / a bit on the side
the Other List (Qing dynasty register of outlaws) / a blacklist of undesirables
to notify at a different time / to notify later / to give prior notice

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