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in time / promptly / without delay / timely
at the earliest possible time / as soon as possible
  *及* | 及* | *及
and / to reach / up to / in time for
(conjunction linking two nouns) and its ... / and their ... / and his ... / and her ...
to pass an exam or a test / to meet a minimum standard
timely handling / a stitch in time
timeliness / promptness
timely rain / (fig.) timely assistance
transitive verb
to pass an imperial examination
transitive (grammar)
passing line or score (in an examination)
to enjoy the present (idiom); to live happily with no thought for the future / make merry while you can / carpe diem
by the time that
to reach marriageable age (a girl's fifteenth birthday)
lit. to reach the tip and try (idiom); to have a go when at one's peak
timely handling doubles the effect and halves the effort / the right approach saves effort and leads to better results / a stitch in time saves nine

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