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unit (of measure) / unit (group of people as a whole) / work unit (place of employment, esp. in the PRC prior to economic reform) / CL: 個|个
unit (forming an entity) / element / (in a residential building) entrance or staircase
alone / by oneself / on one's own
simple / pure / unsophisticated / merely / purely
  *单* | 单* | *单
surname Shan
  *单* | 单* | *单
bill / list / form / single / only / sole / odd number / CL: 個|个
to click (using a mouse or other pointing device)
(coll.) bike; bicycle (esp. bike-share bicycle)
on a single day
unit price
unmarried / single
the only son of a family / (functional programming or philosophy) monad
list of items / bill / form / bedsheet
single / only / sole
to pick / to choose / to fight a duel / Taiwan pr. [dan1 tiao1]
word / CL: 個|个
singles (in sports) / CL: 場|场
single / alone / individually / an odd one
one person / single (room, bed etc)
monomer (chemistry)
monochrome / monochromatic / black and white
single Chinese character / word (in a foreign language)
simple substance (consisting purely of one element, such as diamond)
single layer / single story / single deck / single level
receipts / invoices / transaction records
one-way (ticket)
(international trade) documentation (e.g. a bill of lading)
unilateral / one-sided / home remedy / folk prescription(same as 丹方) / single-drug prescription (same as 奇方, one of the seven kinds of prescriptions of Chinese medicine 七方) / metaphorically. a good solution
only / merely / just
to come individually / to treat separately / separate edition / one-way traffic
single phase (elec.)
single parent
single (recording industry)
weak / frail / thin / flimsy
unipolar / monopole (physics)
single volume edition / offprint
to fight alone (idiom)
unrequited love / one-sided love
individual soldier / (literary) isolated military unit, cut off from reinforcements
lit. single spear and horse (idiom); fig. single-handed / unaccompanied
Shan county in Heze 菏澤|菏泽, Shandong
to get straight to the point (idiom)
chanyu (Han Dynasty name for chiefs of Xiongnu Huns 匈奴)
bar / bold line / horizontal bar (gymnastics event)
unlined garment
ommatidium (single component of insect's compound eye) / one eye (i.e. one's left or right eye)
yield per unit area
positive odd number (also written 奇數|奇数) / singular (grammar)
one hand / single-handed
microcontroller / one-chip computer
simple sentence (grammar)
lit. to go among enemies with only one's sword (idiom) / fig. to go alone into enemy lines
tannic acid (loanword)
unlined trousers / summer trousers
simple pendulum (physics)
to live independently / to live on one's own
to have only one heir in a generation (of a family, clan etc) / to be learned from only one master (of a skill, art etc)
flyer / leaflet / single-sheet (map etc)
single bond (chemistry)
odd number (on a ticket, house etc)
unpadded shoes
to order à la carte / single point (of measurement, mounting etc)
(linguistics) single-morpheme word / simple word
one-sided / unilateral
to use (sth) on its own
monthly / in a single month
single mode
single chain / refers to RNA as opposed to the double helix DNA
a couple in which one of the spouses is not a Hong Kong citizen
single set
a class of oolong tea
monostable / single-side stable (relays)
single trip
one-to-one function / injective map (math.)
single point of failure
single petal / single valve
unambiguous / having only one meaning
single-blind (scientific experiment)
monosyllabic word
to work on one's own / to work single-handed / individual farming
separately and exclusively / specially
variant of 單叢|单丛
single room (hotel)
Unicode / also written 統一碼|统一码
identity element (math.)
to snowboard
unique compound
(Tw) single sign-on (SSO)
single currency
single-handedly (idiom)

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