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  *升* | 升* | *升
to ascend / to rise to the rank of / to promote / to hoist / liter / measure for dry grain equal to one-tenth dou
  *升* | 升* | *升
variant of / to ascend / to rise in rank
  *升* | 升* | *升
variant of
to escalate (in intensity) / to go up by one grade / to be promoted / to upgrade (computing)
to get promoted (at work etc) / promotion
to sublimate / sublimation (physics) / to raise to a higher level / to refine / promotion
rising and falling
to raise / to ascend
to enter the next grade school
aerial work platform (e.g. cherry picker or scissor lift) / lift / elevator
to raise / to hoist / to rise
to rise to the sky / to lift off / to levitate / liftoff
to become hot / temperature rise / (fig.) to intensify / to hot up / to escalate / to get a boost
to rise / to ascend / to leap up
to rise in value / to appreciate
promotion / upgrade
to raise a flag / to hoist a flag
promote / promotion
to be promoted to
to boost the pressure (of a fluid) / to boost (or step up) the voltage
lit. to ascend to heaven / to die
flag raising ceremony
extent of an increase / percentage rise
to get promoted
to progress to (a higher-level school)
rising tone (phonetics, e.g. on a question in English)
to be promoted and gain wealth (idiom)
poor people (idiom) / those who live from hand to mouth
mercuric chloride (HgCl)
ascending order
(music) sharp (♯)
ascending colon (anatomy) / first section of large intestine
to raise interest rates
lit. to reach the main room and enter the chamber (idiom) / fig. to gradually attain proficiency / to attain a higher level
rising prices / bull market
vasopressor agent / antihypotensive agent (medicine)
liter and decaliter dry measure / (fig.) meager quantity of foodstuff
to pass away (of an emperor)

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