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  *包* | 包* | *包
to cover / to wrap / to hold / to include / to take charge of / to contract (to or for) / package / wrapper / container / bag / to hold or embrace / bundle / packet / CL: 個|个, 隻|只
steamed stuffed bun / CL: 個|个
to contain / to embody / to include
to comprise / to include / to involve / to incorporate / to consist of
to wrap up / to bind up / bundle / parcel / package / CL: 個|个
to pack / to package / to wrap / packaging
to surround / to encircle / to hem in
wrapping cloth / a bundle wrapped in cloth / load / weight / burden / funny part / punchline
to shield / to harbor / to cover up
  *包* | 包* | *包
surname Bao
bag or purse etc / small bump or pimple / hillock
to reserve all the seats (or a large block of seats) at a theater, restaurant etc
to guarantee replacement (of faulty goods) / warranty
to get or supply meals for a monthly rate / to board / to cater
to charter a ship
box (in a theater or concert hall) / private room (in a restaurant or karaoke)
all-embracing / all-inclusive
wrapping paper
hired car / chartered car
private room (in a restaurant, or for karaoke etc) / parlor / booth / compartment
to undertake to do everything by oneself / to run the whole show
chartered plane / to charter a plane
to pardon / to forgive / to show tolerance / to contain / to hold / inclusive
to make monthly payments / monthly payment
to buy an all-night package / (esp.) to book a prostitute for the night
to excuse / to forgive / to bear with / to contain
to envelop / to wrap / to enclose
to wrap up / to pack / to bind up (a wound)
Baotou prefecture-level city in Inner Mongolia
turban / headband
shipping included
to rent / to charter / to rent land or a house for subletting / fixed rent for farmland
headscarf / turban
to provide full board
to outflank / to envelop
job paid according to the amount of work done / contract work
to provide for / to keep (a mistress)
Baotou prefecture-level city in Inner Mongolia
cladding / covering (on a fiber)
(dialect) corn / maize / also written 苞米
to gild / (old) wages paid to a performer or a troupe by a theater
to seal / to close up a package with a seal
package holiday
to have the full responsibility of a job / allocated task
Lord Bao or Judge Bao, fictional nickname of Bao Zheng 包拯 (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty
wrapping / wrapper / foreskin
contracted payment (esp. actors' salary in former times)
to harbor evil intentions (idiom); concealing malice
Borr (Norse deity)
to undertake to perform work within a time limit and according to specifications / to contract for a job / contractor
to cohabit with and financially support a mistress
to guarantee refund (for faulty or unsatisfactory goods)
packet size (computing)
to assure / to guarantee
to include / to cover / to embrace
forced marriage / arranged marriage (without the consent of the individuals)
Bao Zheng (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty / modern day metaphor for an honest politician
package / all-inclusive deal
guarantee certificate
capsule (containing medicine) / husk (of corn)
to monopolize / to take on responsibility over everything / to undertake the whole task
compartment (of train, ship etc) / private room at restaurant / rented room for karaoke / hotel room rented by the hour
phimosis (medicine)
to contain / to harbor / to conceal
to have exclusive selling rights / to be the sole agent for a production unit or firm
chief labor contractor
guaranteed to cure all diseases
leave it to me (idiom) / I'll take care of it
Baohe district of Hefei city 合肥市, Anhui
peridium (envelope or coat of fungi, e.g. puffballs)
to charter (a car, ship, plane)
to wrap jiaozi (dumplings or potstickers)
(dialect) maize / corn / also written 苞穀|苞谷
to run everything (idiom); to monopolize the whole business / not allow anyone else to have a look in
guarantee to pay compensations
to guarantee refund or replacement (of faulty or unsatisfactory goods)
Bao Qingtian, fictional nickname of Bao Zheng 包拯 (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty
fixing of farm output quotas for each household
to summarize / to swallow up / to annex / to merge
Bao Longtu, ”Bao of the Dragon Image”, fictional name used for Bao Zheng 包拯 (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty
to do everything oneself (idiom); not to allow others in on the act
a system of payment partly in kind and partly in cash
to be tolerant / to be forgiving / to conceal / to cover
bundle / bag
to make a production contract
Boris (name)
Baotou prefecture in Inner Mongolia
indentured laborer
bundled thatch
book cover
corn / maize
to buy the whole lot / to take everything remaining
detective (in former times)
to surround and annihilate (bandits)

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