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  *勃* | 勃* | *勃
flourishing / prosperous / suddenly / abruptly
to fly into a rage / to see red
to sprout up / to flourish / (of war etc) to break out / rapid growth
Burgundy (Bourgogne), kingdom during medieval period, now region of France
erection / to have an erection
thriving / vigorous / exuberant
suddenly / abruptly / agitatedly / excitedly / vigorously
Brandenburg (e.g. gate, concertos)
Brahms (name) / Johannes Brahms (1833-1897), German romantic composer
Boli county in Qitaihe 七台河, Heilongjiang
to rise suddenly / to grow vigorously
Browning, US firearm brand
to suddenly change color showing displeasure, bewilderment etc
Han dynasty province around the Bohai sea / renamed 渤海 after the Han
Leonid Brezhnev (1906-1982), Soviet statesman, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR 1966-1982
Mont Blanc (between Italy and France)
Pegu city in south Myanmar (Burma)
Pegu Yoma (mountain range) of south central Myanmar (Burma), separating Irrawaddy and Sittang basins
erectile dysfunction (ED)
Pegu River of south central Myanmar (Burma)
Boli county in Qitaihe 七台河, Heilongjiang

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