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work / toil / physical labor / CL:
service (work done for money) / services (as in "goods and services")
  *劳* | 劳* | *劳
to toil / labor / laborer / to put sb to trouble (of doing sth) / meritorious deed / to console (Taiwan pr. [lao4] for this sense)
to inconvenience / to trouble (sb with a request)
International Labor Day (May Day)
labor contract / contract between employer and employees governing wages and conditions
labor force / manpower
Rolex (Swiss wristwatch brand)
labor / laborer
worker / laborer
Lawrence (person name)
ability to work
service contract
labor and capital / labor and management
strain (medicine)
tired / exhausted / worn out / to toil
model worker
working people / the workers of Socialist theory or of the glorious Chinese past
to toil / hard work
model worker
work / manual labor
industrial relations / relations between labor and capital
labor / able-bodied worker / laborer / work force
Lloyd (name) / Lloyd's (London-based insurance group)
to strike a balance between work and rest (idiom)
Trud (Russian newspaper)
contract workers (sent abroad)
reeducation through labor
work and rest
labor insurance
reeducation through labor
labor market
disorder of internal organs caused by overexertion
abbr. for 勞動改造|劳动改造 / reform through labor / laogai (prison camp)
to work with one's brains / to rack one's brains / to worry
to work hard / to toil
(literary) fatigued / wearied
to be a tax on (one's mind) / to bother / to trouble / to be concerned
reeducation through labor / laogai (prison camp)
correctional institution / labor camp
forced labor / corvée (labor required of a serf) / animal labor
excuse me
waste of manpower and resources
labor committee / abbr. for 勞動委員會|劳动委员会
to work hard while accomplishing little / to toil to no avail
exhausted / worn out
to tax one's mind and body / demanding (work) / dedicated (worker) / hard-working
(dialect) nuisance / pain
Rodong Sinmun (Workers' news), the official newspaper of the North Korean WPK's Central Committee
the shrike and the swallow fly in different directions (idiom) / (usually of a couple) to part from each other
correctional labor camp
labor (as opposed to capital or management) / the workers
labor exchanges
labor camp / prison camp with hard labor
labor and employer
relations between labor and employer / industrial relations
to rack one's brains / to think hard

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