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  *刑* | 刑* | *刑
surname Xing
  *刑* | 刑* | *刑
punishment / penalty / sentence / torture / corporal punishment
criminal / penal
criminal law
abbr. for 刑事警察 / criminal police
criminal investigation
criminal procedure
to detain as criminal / criminal detention / abbr. for 刑事拘留
sentence / penalty / punishment
to detain as criminal / criminal detention
Xingtian, headless giant hero of Chinese mythology decapitated by the Yellow Emperor 黃帝|黄帝
prison term
criminal court / judiciary court
criminal case
criminal procedure / abbr. for 刑事訴訟法|刑事诉讼法
criminal court
to extort confession by torture
execution ground / gallows / scaffold
to complete a prison sentence
interrogation under torture / inquisition
a criminal
criminal court
to humiliate and torture / to suffer mutilation and humiliation
punishment equipment / torture instrument
office of punishment / torture chamber (esp. unofficial)
criminal law
Criminal Investigation Bureau
criminal court / abbr. for 刑事法庭
criminal law (abbr. for pre-Han legalist school 刑名之学) / name of crime
criminal law, pre-Han legalist school
criminal to be executed / to execute a criminal
legal net / the long arm of the law
to be forced to grind grain as a punishment (old)
Ministry of Justice (in imperial China)
executed / to suffer corporal punishment or execution
criminal police / member of the criminal police
torture chamber
rod used for flogging offenders
Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB)

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