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to publish
  *出* | 出* | *出
to go out / to come out / to occur / to produce / to go beyond / to rise / to put forth / to happen / (used after a verb to indicate an outward direction or a positive result) / classifier for dramas, plays, operas etc
  *出* | 出* | *出
variant of (classifier for plays or chapters of classical novels)
an exit / CL: 個|个 / to speak / to export / (of a ship) to leave port
to appear / to arise / to emerge / to show up
to come out / to appear / to arise
(after a verb, indicates coming out, completion of an action, or ability to discern or detect)
to go abroad / to leave the country / emigration
to sell / to offer for sale / to put on the market
to rent
to attend / to participate / present
to be born
to produce an item / output / items that are produced
to set off / to start (on a journey)
to go out and come in / entrance and exit / expenditure and income / discrepancy / inconsistent
a way out (lit. and fig.) / opportunity for advancement / a way forward / outlet (for one's products)
to officially launch (a policy, program etc) / to appear on stage / to appear publicly / (of a bar girl) to leave with a client
to go out
to come and go / to roam about (mostly unseen) / (of a ghost) to haunt (a place) / (of a criminal) to stalk (the streets) / (of the sun) to rise and set
source (esp. of quotation or literary allusion) / origin / where sth comes from
to make a mistake / error
to take out of the furnace / fresh out of the oven / fig. newly announced / recently made available
to set out on a long journey / to travel afar
to leave a country or region / emigration / outbound (tourism)
due to / to stem from
derailment (railway accident) / to leave the rails / fig. to overstep bounds / fig. to have an extramarital affair
cashier / to receive and hand over payment / to lend and borrow books
to issue (document, certificate etc) / to provide
date of birth
to go out / to leave home / to go on a journey / away from home / (of a woman) to get married
to appear (on stage, in a show, in a photo etc) / to play (for a team) / to enter (arena or stage) / to send sb out (e.g. off the field for a foul)
to sally / to attack
to make one's first public performance (of an entertainer etc) / to start one's career
taxi / (Taiwan) rental car
to go on a tour / to have an outing
to leave the factory (of finished goods)
to dispose of / to spend (money) / to undertake a task
to take money or valuables out of storage / to recover / to ship goods / to extract (chemicals from solution)
to take up a post / to start in a new job
well-known for sth / to become well known / to make one's mark
to fund / to put money into sth / to invest
to go on an official or business trip
to show / to take out and show to others / to display
to go out to sea
to produce (by natural growth, or by manufacture, mining etc) / to yield / to turn out / produce / products
remarkable / outstanding
to have sth go wrong / to have a problem arise / to give problems
to bid
to appear on camera / to play a role in a film
to make new advances / to move forwards
to come from
to offer for sale / to sell / to sell out or betray
to stand out / outstanding
to pay
to visit a patient at home (of a doctor) / house call
starting point / (fig.) basis / motive
to leave home / to go off / to run away
to discharge water / to appear out of the water / to break the surface
to transfer (one's property or rights to sb else)
to appear (in a show etc) / an appearance (on stage etc)
to send off (player for a foul) / to knock out (i.e. to beat in a knock-out tournament) / to eliminate / to call out / to kill off / to pull out of (a competition) / to retire (a runner in baseball) / out (i.e. man out in baseball)
to appear in court
to draw up the theme (for discussion)
to start out on a trip / to dispatch troops
producer (film)
to perspire / to sweat
to go and visit in an official capacity or for investigation
to dig up / to appear in an excavation / unearthed / to come up out of the ground
to be born of / to come from / family background / class origin
beyond expectation (idiom); unexpected
entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau
to bleed / bleeding / (fig.) to spend money in large amounts
to be released from prison
to get out of a predicament / to stick out / to take the initiative / remaining odd fraction after a division / a little more than
to get married (of woman)
large-sized (of clothes, shoes) / (old) to give an order / (old) to quit one's job in a store
birth certificate / CL: 張|张
extraordinary / exceptional / unusual
to give vent to anger
to make a move (in martial arts or figuratively)
to be born / to come into being / to withdraw from worldly affairs
to publish books
to leave hospital / to be discharged from hospital
unexpected (idiom) / surprising
to have an accident / to meet with a mishap
to yield interest, profit etc / to exhale (Buddhism)
future prospects / profit / to mature / to grow up
error message (computing)
(sports) to go out of bounds / to go over the line / to qualify for the next round of competition / (Tw) (fig.) to make the grade / to achieve success
to run away / to flee (the country)
air vent / air outlet
export amount
to leave the mountain (of a hermit) / to come out of obscurity to a government job / to take a leading position
to exert oneself
export product
to appear personally / to step in / to step forth / to show up
to finish apprenticeship / to graduate / to send out troops (under a commander)
(of a sword etc) to unsheath
to lend / to put out a loan
to set out (on a campaign) / to stand for election / to throw one's cap in the ring

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