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  *冲* | 冲* | *冲
(of water) to dash against / to mix with water / to infuse / to rinse / to flush / to develop (a film) / to rise in the air / to clash / to collide with
  *冲* | 冲* | *冲
thoroughfare / to go straight ahead / to rush / to clash
  *冲* | 冲* | *冲
powerful / vigorous / pungent / towards / in view of
conflict / to conflict / clash of opposing forces / collision (of interests) / contention
variant of 衝擊|冲击
to attack / to batter / (of waves) to pound against / shock / impact
to have an urge / to be impetuous / impulse / urge
to sprint / to spurt / to dash / big effort
to charge / to assault / assault
to stamp / to press (sheet metal) / Taiwan pr. [chong1 ya1]
to rinse / to wash / to develop (photographic film)
to surf / surfing
to rush out
to soar / to rocket
stamping press (metalworking)
breakthrough / to overcome an obstacle quickly
Okinawa, Japan
force of impact or thrust
to collide / jerking motion / to impinge / to offend / to provoke
submachine gun
to rush in / to charge in
shock wave / blast wave
to cleanse / to scrub / to scour / to wash down / to erode / to wash away
to develop and print (photographic film)
to reconstitute (a powdered beverage) by adding water, milk etc
stroke (of a piston)
surfboard / paddleboard
to charge into
to dilute
medicine to be taken after being mixed with water (or other liquid)
(accounting) to charge against / to write off
impact drill / hammer drill
to charge and break through enemy lines
to rush into / to break into
to add water (or other liquid) to (another ingredient such as powdered milk or tea leaves) / to infuse (tea)
to alluviate / alluviation / alluvial
(dialect) to take a shower
Okinawa prefecture, Japan
dynamism / drive
to take medicine in solution / infusion
water pick / oral irrigator
to flush away
to wash out / to leach
Okinawa Island
alluvial plain
to charge
to erode / erosion
to burst / to break through / to topple
lit. to be muddled in the brain (idiom); fig. excited and unable to act rationally / to go to one's head
lit. to be muddled in the brain (idiom); fig. excited and unable to act rationally / to go to one's head
to cause (a dam) to collapse
to take a shower
childhood (typically used in reference to an emperor)
(accounting) to strike a balance / to reverse an entry / to write off
alluvial deposit
to take a shower
to burst (e.g. a dam)
to burst (e.g. a dam)
to blurt out without thinking (idiom)
thrust fault (geology) / compression fault
the Okinawa archipelago
(of waves, rain etc) to dash against / to batter
dose of medicine to be taken in solution / infusion
to defer to / to be submissive

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