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entrance / to import
to join a society, association etc
  *入* | 入* | *入
to enter / to go into / to join / to become a member of / to confirm or agree with / abbr. for 入聲|入声
to enter a country
to join a political party (esp. the Communist Party)
to be included among those selected for
to enter the venue for a meeting / to enter into an examination / to enter a stadium, arena etc
tasty / to be absorbed in sth / interesting
to enter a park or other place for public recreation (typically, one whose name ends in 園|园: a zoo 動物園|动物园, amusement park 遊樂園|游乐园 etc) / to enrol in a kindergarten 幼兒園|幼儿园 / to start going to kindergarten
to invade
to enroll in the Communist Youth League
to enter a school or college / to go to school for the first time as a child
to enter sb's house / to obtain a residence permit
trade deficit / import surplus
to become naturalized / to become a citizen
to get past the qualifying round / to make it to the finals
to join a group; to become a member
entrance door / to enter a door / introduction (to a subject) / to learn the basics of a subject
to appear before one's eyes / pleasing to the eye / nice to look at
to enter the army / to enlist
to go and live with one's wife's family, in effect becoming a member of her family
to be enthralled / to be entranced
to take one's seat
to take one's seat
to enter a pass / to go through customs
to use in medicine
(Buddhism) to enter a meditative state
income does not cover expenditure / unable to make ends meet
down to the smallest detail; thoroughgoing; fine and detailed
to begin (with ...) (typically used in a structure such as 從|从 + {noun} + 入手: "to begin with {noun}; to take {noun} as one's starting point") / to receive; to obtain; to buy
to score a goal / goal
to engage with secular society / to involve oneself in human affairs / to join the WTO (abbr. for 加入世界貿易組織|加入世界贸易组织)
to be fascinated / to be enchanted
to invade and take control of (a territory); to take the helm at (an organization); (of a company) to take control of (another company)
to put dead body in coffin
to bury / buried / interred
to invest
buried and at rest (idiom); Resquiescat in pacem (RIP)
to go to jail / to be sent to prison
to fall asleep
When you enter a village, follow the local customs (idiom); do as the natives do / When in Rome, do as the Romans do
written in a forceful hand / penetrating / profound
entering tone / checked tone / one of the four tones of Middle Chinese
sensible and reasonable (idiom)
to enter a profession
When you enter a country, enquire about the local customs (idiom); do as the natives do / When in Rome, do as the Romans do
to enter the game; to get involved / to walk into a scam
income (Hong Kong)
to enter the Way / to become a Daoist
to check in (at a hotel etc)
(of an actor) to inhabit one's role / to become the character / (of an audience) to get involved in the drama
newly enlisted officer student / cadet
invasive species
to melt in one's mouth
Web portal / (enterprise) portal
web portal
finalist; qualifier; person or item selected as one of the best
admission ticket
ceremonial entry / opening procession
admission fee
entry visa
lit. when you enter a country, follow the local customs (idiom) / fig. when in Rome, do as the Romans do
percentage of children who enter school
to join a religion
(of women) beginning of menstrual cycle / full-term gestation
slam dunk
to enter nirvana (Buddhism)
to join (e.g. union or alliance)
to fall asleep
to file (law)
to criminalize (an activity)
to criminalize (an activity)
to become an arhat (Buddhism)
to join an alliance / admission to the United Nations
to commence employment; to enter a company
to have intercourse / to fuck
to enter orbit
introductory course / primer
theory proposed in 2019 on Chinese social media, centering on the idea of China replacing the United States as the dominant nation in a new world order, drawing an analogy with the Manchu overthrow of the Ming dynasty, achieved after the Qing army entered China via the Shanhai Pass 入關|入关
to enter hospital / to be hospitalized
air intake vent

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