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  *做* | 做* | *做
to do / to make / to produce / to write / to compose / to act as / to engage in / to hold (a party) / to be / to become / to function (in some capacity) / to serve as / to be used for / to form (a bond or relationship) / to pretend / to feign / to act a part / to put on appearance
see 作主
to put out / to issue
to work / to do manual labor
way of handling sth / method for making / work method / recipe / practice / CL: 個|个
to accomplish / to achieve
to prepare a meal / to cook
to work / to handle matters / to have a job
to conduct oneself / to behave with integrity
to act as / used erroneously for 作為|作为
to finish / to complete the task
to make an error
to dream / to have a dream / fig. illusion / fantasy / pipe dream
to be oneself
to work with one's hands / manual work / workmanship
to cook / cooking
arrogant / to put on airs / (business etc) to expand / to enlarge / to do sth on a big scale
to be a guest or visitor
to do business
to do one's work / to work on sb / to try to persuade sb
to become a concubine
to make love
affected / artificial
market maker
to sell short (finance)
(slang) (of a woman) to work as a prostitute
to make an issue of sth / to fuss / to make a song and dance
to buy and sell / to do business / to trade / to deal
to do exercises / to do gymnastics
to act (in opera) / stage business
to make preparations
to act in a play / to put on a play
(slang) (of a man) to work as a prostitute
to study / to engage in scholarship
to take an official post / to become a government employee
to put one's hand to sth / to set about / skillful hands / worker / writer
to manipulate dishonestly / to tamper with sth
to set up a teammate (with an opportunity to score) / to throw a game
way of doing sth / behavior / to act in an affected manner / mannerism / gestures in opera
to work for a living (esp. of woman needleworker) / life of a group of stones in Go 圍棋|围棋
to speak / to emit sound
to play tricks / to cheat / to get up to mischief / to become a ghost / to give up the ghost
to do needlework
to feel guilty as a thief (idiom); to have sth on one's conscience
to act as host
lit. to work like an ox, to work like a horse; fig. to work extremely hard
to go to extremes / to leave no room for maneuver
to pull a face / to grimace / to scowl
to work as spy / to act as a guide
to become related by marriage / to marry
to act as go-between (between prospective marriage partners etc)
to go to church on Sunday (of Christians)
to practice (work skills)
to celebrate a child reaching the age of one month
to celebrate a birthday (of an elderly person)
to keep sb company / to accompany
lit. as a monk for today, toll today's bell (idiom) / fig. to do one's job mechanically / to hold a position passively
to win honor / to put on a stern face / to have a facial (beauty treatment)
to pray
to practice (work skills)
(jocularly) to sleep on the couch / to sleep in the living room
erhua variant of 做活
to frown
to prepare a crib sheet / to crib / to cheat by copying
to persuade using all possible arguments (idiom); to act good cop and bad cop in turn
erhua variant of 做伴
to give sb a meaningful look
to put on an act (idiom); to pose / to show theatrical affectation / to indulge in histrionics
to put on an act (idiom); to pose / to show theatrical affectation / to indulge in histrionics
to kill / to get rid of / (sports) to defeat / to eliminate
to do a favor to sb
thrifty / economical
to celebrate a birthday / to give a birthday party

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