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to amend / to alter / to modify
  *修* | 修* | *修
surname Xiu
  *修* | 修* | *修
to decorate / to embellish / to repair / to build / to write / to cultivate / to study / to take (a class)
  *修* | 修* | *修
dried meat / private teacher's remuneration / withered / variant of
to revise
to restore / to renovate / restoration / (computing) to fix (a bug)
to revise / to amend
to repair / to fix / to prune / to trim / (coll.) to sort sb out / to fix sb
accomplishment / training / self-cultivation
to build / to construct
to decorate / to adorn / to dress up / to polish (a written piece) / to qualify or modify (grammar)
(of Taoists) to practice austerities / to practice asceticism
Asura, malevolent spirits in Indian mythology
to mend
to build / to repair
amendment / revised draft
to prune / to trim
Xiuwen county in Guiyang 貴陽|贵阳, Guizhou
to retouch images / image retouching
to practice Buddhism or Daoism
to renovate / to repair (a building)
to cultivate one's moral character / (fashion) slim-fit / body-hugging
to repair a bike (car etc)
revised edition / revised version
slender / lanky / tall and thin
revision history (of a document, web page etc)
to practice Daoism
to repair a road
to repair (sth broken) / to restore (sth damaged) / to establish friendly relations with / (literary) to do meritorious deeds
Xiushui county in Jiujiang 九江, Jiangxi
to spruce up / to renovate / to tend (a garden) / to groom (one's hair) / to finish (a rough surface) / to trim (a lawn) / to touch up (a photo)
to build
to amend the constitution
nun or sister (of the Roman Catholic or Greek Orthodox churches)
monastery / convent
Xiuwu county in Jiaozuo 焦作, Henan
Xiushui county in Jiujiang 九江, Jiangxi
revised draft / new version (of a document)
to study / to practice
repair shop
to study at school
to achieve Buddhahood through one's efforts and insight / to obtain a positive outcome after sustained efforts / to come to fruition
lit. to practice austerities to become a Daoist immortal / practice makes perfect
revised edition (of a book)
Xiuwu county in Jiaozuo 焦作, Henan
to practice (an activity) / to perform
water conservancy / irrigation works
person pursuing religious practice (Buddhism)
to revise
member of religious order / frater
order (of monks)
construction plan
Xiuwen county in Guiyang 貴陽|贵阳, Guizhou
correction fluid
(grammar) modifier / qualifier / adjunct
to touch up / to make even
to compile / to compose
to have a shave / to enhance the appearance of the face
modifier (grammar)
repair workshop (for machinery, vehicles etc)
seminary (Christian college)
religious order
to cultivate the heart and nurture the character (idiom); to improve oneself by meditation
a cobbler
Thucydides (c. 455 - c. 400 BC), Greek historian, author of the History of the Peloponnesian War
voicing (adjustment of timbre, loudness etc of organ or other musical instrument)
figure of speech
to hold a semiannual ceremony of purification
Thucydides trap (theory that war results when a dominant established power fears the rise of a rival power)
to repair / to renovate
to amend a law
to cultivate friendship with neighbors
(literary) long and arduous (road)

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