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common saying / proverb
as the proverb says / as they say...
  *俗* | 俗* | *俗
custom / convention / popular / common / coarse / vulgar / secular
common saying / proverb / colloquial speech
commonly referred to as / common term
the vulgar world (Buddhist concept) / secular world
tacky / inelegant / in poor taste / vulgar / banal
conventional patterns / cliché
common people / laity (i.e. not priests)
vernacular name / lay name (of a priest)
layman / layperson / original home of a monk
intolerably vulgar
everyday routine / ordinary affairs
Extraordinary people in our ordinary world, short stories by novelist Feng Jicai 馮驥才|冯骥才
customs change with time (idiom); other times, other manners / O Tempora, O Mores!
common saying / proverb
nonstandard form of a Chinese character
(slang) (Tw) coward / paper tiger / a nobody (from Taiwanese 卒仔, Tai-lo pr. [tsut-á])
clichéd / tacky
common sayings (idiom); widely circulated proverbs
nonstandard form of a Chinese character

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