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author / writer / CL: 個|个
work (of art) / opus / CL: ,
  *作* | 作* | *作
worker / workshop / (slang) troublesome / high-maintenance (person)
  *作* | 作* | *作
to do / to grow / to write or compose / to pretend / to regard as / to feel / writings or works
one's conduct / deed / activity / accomplishment / achievement / to act as / as (in the capacity of) / qua / to view as / to look upon (sth as) / to take sth to be
to act on / to affect / action / function / activity / impact / result / effect / purpose / intent / to play a role / corresponds to English -ity, -ism, -ization / CL: 個|个
school assignment / homework / work / task / operation / CL: 個|个 / to operate
to write an essay / composition (student essay) / CL:
combat / to fight
style / style of work / way
author / CL: 個|个,
to put out / to come up with / to make (a choice, decision, proposal, response, comment etc) / to issue (a permit, statement, explanation, apology, reassurance to the public etc) / to draw (conclusion) / to deliver (speech, judgment) / to devise (explanation) / to extract
to practice fraud / to cheat / to engage in corrupt practices
to compose (music)
to become invalid / to cancel / to delete / to nullify
to work and rest
workshop (of artisan)
effort / active force / applied force
to commit a crime
daily schedule / daily routine
to conduct oneself / same as 做人
to answer / to respond
to bear witness / to testify
to set oneself against / to oppose / to make a pair
to counterfeit / to falsify / to cheat / to defraud / fraudulent / to behave affectedly
to court disaster / also pr. [zuo1 si3]
operating system
to do evil
anonymous author
to live somewhere as a visitor / to stay with sb as a guest / to sojourn
to paint
daily schedule / work schedule
operating environment
to take notes
to accompany / to keep sb company
haunted / to haunt / to cause mischief
(of a ghost) to make strange things happen / to act up / to act behind the scenes / to make mischief / odd / to misbehave (euphemism for having sex)
to ache
to sin
variant of 做壽|做寿
to be honest and upright / to have moral integrity
to spin a cocoon around oneself (idiom); enmeshed in a trap of one's own devising / hoist by his own petard
to drop (subject etc)
to decide / to make decisions / to take responsibility (for deciding) / to be in charge / to give sb justice
to show off (loanword, from English "show") / to grandstand / to perform in a stage show
to prepare / to make adequate preparation
to make merry
to take one's leave / to bid farewell
to make love
to pledge
to adopt an attitude / to strike a posture
to be a thief
to die / to pass away
to tease / to play tricks on
to feel sick / to feel nauseous / to feel disgusted
to do / to make (usually bad connotation)
to make a cocoon
trestle / carpenter's frame
condiments / seasoning
missing in action (MIA) (military)
course of action / method of doing sth / practice / modus operandi
interactive theory
valid / counting (as valid)
to put on an attitude / to pose
maybe / possibly / there is reason to believe
to recognize / to acknowledge (as valid)
to flout the law
to show signs of anger / to flush with annoyance
to ill-use / to humiliate / to degrade / to ruin / also pr. [zuo2 jian4]
to host (a dinner) / to treat / to pick up the check
to bow with hands held in front
to deal / to transact
see 做派
anonymous author
to make a match / to get married
to die / to pass away
now working, now stopping
tyrannical abuse (idiom); riding roughshod over people
composer / songwriter
to act as surety for sb / to be sb's guarantor / to stand bail for sb
to start a rebellion / to rise in revolt
composer / song writer
writer / expert

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