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to injure / to harm
  *伤* | 伤* | *伤
to injure / injury / wound
to grieve / to be broken-hearted / to feel deeply hurt
sad / emotional / sentimental / pathos
casualties / injuries and deaths
casualty / victim (of an accident) / wounded person
wound / cut
(slang) it's just the pits! / so unfair! / unbearable
scar / bruise
to injure sb
pain (from wound) / sorrow
disabled / maimed / crippled / (of objects) damaged
condition of an injury
wounded person
to catch cold
bruised / riddled with scars
to break (sb's heart) / to cause grief to
scar / CL:
sad / sorrowful (literary)
the sick and the wounded
to be a real headache / to find sth a real headache / to beat one's brains
sorrowful farewell / sad goodbye
injured person
grieved / full of sorrow
salmonella typhimurium
the injured / wounded personnel
to suffer serious injury (idiom)
to offend Heaven and reason (idiom); bloody atrocities that cry to heaven / outrageous acts
to damage a good relationship / to hurt sb's feelings
to grieve for deceased relative / to mourn
offending public morals (idiom)
to harm the innocent (idiom)
damage (e.g. to goods in transit)
casualties / wounded soldiers
wounded and captured
to suffer serious injury (idiom)
(idiom) too appalling to look at
to grieve to death / to die of a broken-heart
to grieve / broken-hearted

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