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fax / facsimile
to disseminate / to propagate / to spread
tradition / traditional / convention / conventional / CL: 個|个
legend / folklore / to repeat from mouth to mouth / they say that...
to infect / contagious
to pass on / to convey / to relay / to transmit / transmission
biography / CL: ,
to impart / to pass on / to teach
leaflet / flier / pamphlet
  *传* | 传* | *传
to pass on / to spread / to transmit / to infect / to transfer / to circulate / to conduct (electricity)
  *传* | 传* | *传
biography / historical narrative / commentaries / relay station
legendary / fantasy saga / romance / short stories of the Tang and Song Dynasty
to transmit / transmission
sensing (electronics) / telepathy
to transmit / to pass on to sb else / (math.) transitive
sensor / transducer
to pass on (to future generations) / passed on (from former times) / a continued tradition / an inheritance
infectious disease / contagious disease / pestilence
to convey / to deliver
to conduct (heat, electricity etc)
drive (transmission in an engine)
multi-level marketing
(of a sound) to come through / to be heard / (of news) to arrive
to import / transmitted inwards / afferent
infectious / epidemic
rumor / hearsay
pass (in soccer) / to feed (ball)
handed down from ancient times / family heirloom
fax number
to pass on to / to transfer to / to hand on to / to pass to (in football etc)
to teach / to impart / a disciple / descendant
to transmit outwards / to disseminate / efferent (nerve)
conveyor belt / transmission belt
to lecture on doctrine / to expound the wisdom of ancient sages / to preach / a sermon
drive shaft
to preach / missionary / to evangelize
transmission rate / transmission speed
to translate / to interpret
source of an infection
heat transfer / heat transmission
fax machine
transmission line
transmission technology
summons / subpoena / voucher
(chemistry) mass transfer (as observed in processes like evaporation, distillation and membrane filtration)
transmission system / power drive
to summon (a witness) / to subpoena
a summons (to the police) / subpoena
to notify sb of a call / to call sb to the phone
transport layer
to pass on through the generations
transmission facility / transmission equipment
transport service
vivid / lifelike
to spread widely
to pass an argument (computing) / abbr. for 傳遞參數|传递参数
transmission ratio / gear ratio
pollination / to pollinate
transmission (i.e. gears)
legendary person / legend (i.e. person)
edition (of a book) currently in circulation
to pass on a song
transmission mechanism
to pass on the light of Buddha
to send back
to pass on amorous feelings / to send one's love to sb
to transmit an order
issue a decree
family heirloom
(of news) to spread / to get around
transmission distance
loudhailer / megaphone / one who parrots sb / mouthpiece
to eulogize / to pass on praise
to read and pass on / to pass on for perusal
transmission medium
transmission rate
drive (engine)
transmission belt
efferent nerve (transmitting out from the brain) / efferent neuron / motor nerve
teaching and learning / to study and impart
fax transmission
transfer mode / transmission method
Ecclesiastes (biblical book of sermons)
microphone / to use a microphone
to spread (by word of mouth)
widely known / on everyone's lips
theory of heat / heat transmission (physics)
missionary / preacher
to copy (a text) from person to person / (of a text) to be transmitted by copying
to pass on scripture / to teach Confucian doctrine / to pass on one's experience
to pass on a story / to communicate a message
reception office / janitor's office
transmission control
to teach (idiom); lit. to give moral and practical instruction
to order sb to start on a journey

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