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  *伏* | 伏* | *伏
surname Fu
  *伏* | 伏* | *伏
to lean over / to fall (go down) / to hide (in ambush) / to conceal oneself / to lie low / hottest days of summer / to submit / to concede defeat / to overcome / to subdue / volt
Fuxi or Fu Hsi, legendary Chinese emperor, trad. 2852-2738 BC, mythical creator of fishing, trapping and writing
the hottest period of the year / see 三伏天
ambush / to ambush
foreshadowing (literary device) / foretaste of material to come (in essay or story)
volt-ampere (measure of apparent power in alternating current circuits)
volt (loanword)
to lie prostrate
vodka (loanword)
Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter)
Voltaire (1694-1778), Enlightenment philosopher
Funiu mountain range in southwest Henan, an eastern extension of Qinling range 秦嶺山脈|秦岭山脉, Shaanxi
to bend over one's desk (writing, studying, taking a nap etc)
to subdue a tiger / fig. to prevail over sinister forces
to be executed
Volgograd, Russian city on the Volga River 伏爾加河|伏尔加河
Volga River
Fu Mingxia (1978-), Chinese diving champion
variant of 服輸|服输
Fuxi or Fu Hsi, legendary Chinese emperor 2852-2738 BC, mythical creator of fishing, trapping, and writing
hidden troops / ambush
lying down / to lie prostrate / prone
to be executed
foreshadowing (literary device)
Kliment Voroshilov (1881-1969), Soviet politician and military commander
pushup (exercise)
hidden genius (idiom)
to lie prostrate / to prostrate oneself (in veneration)
variant of 服罪
variant of 伏羲
summer flood
nucleus accumbens (anatomy)
variant of 服侍
variant of 服辯|服辩
hidden stream / ground stream

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