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  *乱* | 乱* | *乱
in confusion or disorder / in a confused state of mind / disorder / upheaval / riot / illicit sexual relations / to throw into disorder / to mix up / indiscriminate / random / arbitrary
mojibake (nonsense characters displayed when software fails to render text according to its intended character encoding)
the world in chaos / troubled times / (in Buddhism) the mortal world
everything in disorder (idiom); in a hideous mess / at sixes and sevens
chaos / madness
to fiddle with / to tamper with / to meddle with / to move randomly / to flail about
to litter / to throw away
incest / immorality / depravity / fornication
to act recklessly / to mess around
to run around all over the place
to spend money recklessly / to squander
to talk drivel / to make irresponsible remarks
to discard in the wrong place (cigarette butts etc) / to leave one's things lying around
chaotic / topsy turvy / a complete mess
to spend recklessly / to waste money
to make a mess / to mess with / to be wild / to sleep around / to jump into bed
rocks / stones / rubble / riprap
to talk nonsense / nonsense!
to write without basis
to flee in disarray / to scatter
Gone with the Wind (film)
to doodle / graffito / doodle
in a mess / upside down
to eat indiscriminately
astigmatism (medicine) (Tw)
to jump about / (of the heart) to beat wildly
to corrupt politics
to jaywalk
to inconsiderately shout
in a great mess / chaotic
noisy and in disarray / in an uproar
to be promiscuous / to sleep around
rebels and traitors (idiom) / general term for scoundrel
lit. tangled skein / in a tremendous muddle / confused
chaotic situation
to talk nonsense / to behave like a fool
to pass off as genuine / spurious
disheveled / tangled
to claw wildly / to scratch frantically / to arrest people indiscriminately
to throw away / to discard
to break the rules / to break discipline
to stone to death
the rebel party
to make arbitrary decisions
random number
to disturb (dialect)

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