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  *乙* | 乙* | *乙
second of the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干 / second in order / letter "B" or Roman "II" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc / second party (in legal contract, usually 乙方, as opposed to 甲方) / ethyl / bent / winding / radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 5) / ancient Chinese compass point: 105°
  *乙* | 乙* | *乙
turning stroke (in Chinese characters), aka
ethylene / vinyl
twelfth year B12 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1995 or 2055
ethanol C2H5OH / same as alcohol 酒精
hepatitis B
second party (law) (contrasted with 甲方)
acetic acid (CH3COOH) / ethanoic acid
acetyl (chemistry)
type B / type II / beta-
acetylene / ethyne C2H2
ethyl group (chemistry)
ethane (C2H6)
forty-second year B6 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1965 or 2025
thirty-second year B8 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1955 or 2015
second year B2 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1985 or 2045
ether / diethyl ether C2H5OC2H5
fifty-second year B4 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1975 or 2035
twenty-second year B10 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 2005 or 2065
acetaldehyde H3CCHO / ethanal
epidemic encephalitis B (abbr. for 乙型腦炎|乙型脑炎)
glycol / ethylene glycol C2H4(OH)2 (antifreeze)
hepatitis B
acetylcholine ACh (amine related to vitamin B complex)
acetyl radical CH3COO-
epidemic encephalitis B, aka Japanese encephalitis
variant of 以太
ethoxy (chemistry)
ethylamino group
vinyl / vinyl group (chemistry)
sigmoid colon (anatomy) / bent colon, linking the descending colon to the rectum
ethanethiol (chemistry)
beta- or type 2
beta-2 agonist
beta ray (electron stream from radioactive decay)
beta particle (electron, esp. high speed electron emitted by radioactive nucleus)
piracetam (C6H10N2O2)
acetyl radical CH3COO-
acetate CH3COO-
glycolic acid C2H4O3

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