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  *下* | 下* | *下
down / downwards / below / lower / later / next (week etc) / second (of two parts) / to decline / to go down / to arrive at (a decision, conclusion etc) / measure word to show the frequency of an action
afternoon / CL: 個|个 / p.m.
to rain
to download / also pr. [xia4 zai4]
subordinate / underling
below / under / next / the following / also pr. [xia4 mian5]
to boil noodles
to go down / to descend / to go on / to continue / (of a servant) to withdraw
to come down / (completed action marker) / (after verb of motion, indicates motion down and towards us, also fig.) / (indicates continuation from the past towards us) / to be harvested (of crops) / to be over (of a period of time) / to go among the masses (said of leaders)
lower bound
to decline / to drop / to fall / to go down / to decrease
underneath / below / the underside / world of mortals / to descend to the world of mortals (of gods)
next time
to place an order / to order / an order (of goods)
to go down to the fields / to get up from bed / to leave one's sickbed / to be born
second half of the year
lower reaches (of a river) / lower level / lower echelon / downstream
to fall / to tumble
to finish work / to get off work
to get off or out of (a bus, train, car etc)
to go down a hill / (of the sun or moon) to set
to transmit to lower levels; to issue (a command, decree etc)
to go offline
to sink down
whereabouts / to drop / to fall
lower limbs
next week
to droop / to sag / to hang down / sagging / drooping / prolapse (medicine)
to go to the countryside
administered by / under the rule of
lower course of a river / low-class / mean and lowly / vulgar / obscene
to give an order / to command
(of trains) down (i.e. away from the capital) / (of river boats) to travel downstream / to issue (a document) to lower bureaucratic levels / (of writing on the page) vertical, proceeding from top to bottom
chin / CL: 個|个
to demote / to pass down to a lower unit
to adjust downwards / to lower (prices, wages etc)
to leave (the stage, an exam room, the playing field etc) / to take part in some activity / to take an examination (in the imperial examination system)
the end / to conclude
to issue (a memorandum etc) to lower levels / to distribute (e.g. disaster relief to victims)
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
next period (week, month or quarter etc)
the next step
subconscious mind
next month
to finish class / to get out of class / (fig.) (esp. of a sports coach) to be dismissed / to be fired
lower part of the body / genitalia / trousers
to go off the stage / to fall from position of prestige / to step down (from office etc) / to disentangle oneself / to get off the hook
to kneel / to go down on one's knees
to descend to the world (of immortals)
to pour / to pour down (of rain) / to lay a bet
low ranking / low level / underclass / subordinate
under / the underside / below
underscore _ / underline
to go downstairs
downstream / to go into the water / to put into water / to launch (a ship) / fig. to fall into bad ways / to lead astray / to go to pot
offal / viscera / tripe
similarly hereinafter
signature on letter / name of donor
lower lip
(of an organization) to have as a subunit
to play chess
last third of the month
lower body / euphemism for genitals / root and stem of plants
to prescribe medicine / to poison / to slip a drug (into sb's drink etc)
subscript / suffix / index
to dismount from a horse / (fig.) to abandon (a project)
underlayer / lower class / lower strata / substrate
hem of a skirt / shirt tail
Xiaguan district of Nanjing City 南京市 in Jiangsu 江蘇|江苏
to determine / to resolve
(of sales, prices etc) to fall / to drop / decline / slump
to come off sentry duty / to lay off (a worker) / laid-off
leeward / downwind / disadvantageous position / to concede or give way in an argument
to put poison in sth / to poison
downhill road / (fig.) downhill path
unaccounted / unknown whereabouts
to put pen to paper
lower bound (math.) / world of mortals / (of gods) to descend to the world of mortals
next chapter / next time
display of severity immediately on taking office / (fig.) initial show of strength
awkward / embarrassed / cannot be accomplished
third quarter or waning moon
(of objects) to fall / to drop / to droop / (medicine) to experience tenesmus
to be appropriate to have with alcohol / to down one's drink
to bury / to inter
to attack murderously / to strike treacherously
the Chinese market, excluding first- and second-tier cities
(of a woman) to marry a man of lower social status / to marry down
to lay eggs
downward fluctuation (of prices etc)
to imprison
to be put on the spot / to find oneself in an awkward situation
to subside / subsidence
to define
contemptible / disgusting
player whose turn comes next (in a game) / next one / my humble home
chin / Taiwan pr. [xia4 hai2]
to hand down an imperial edict

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