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  *三* | 三* | *三
three / 3
  *三* | 三* | *三
surname San
see 3C[san1 C]
Sanya, prefecture-level city, Hainan
Three Kingdoms period (220-280) in Chinese history / several Three Kingdoms periods in Korean history, esp. from 1st century AD to unification under Silla 新羅|新罗 in 658
(slang) threesome
grade 3 / third class / category C
three-dimensional / 3D
March / third month (of the lunar year)
Three rivers / Sanhe, county-level city in Langfang 廊坊, Hebei
Three Gorges on the Chang Jiang or Yangtze, namely: Qutang Gorge 瞿塘峽|瞿塘峡, Wuxia Gorge 巫峽|巫峡 and Xiling Gorge 西陵峽|西陵峡 / Sanxia or Sanhsia town in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan
sandwich (loanword) / CL: 個|个
three items / three events / three terms / tri- / trinomial, ternary (math.) / triathlon (abbr. for 三項全能|三项全能)
thirty / 30
Sanxing or Sanhsing Township in Yilan County 宜蘭縣|宜兰县, Taiwan / Samsung (South Korean electronics company)
three major stars of the Three Stars 參宿|参宿 Chinese constellation / the belt of Orion / three spirits , 祿|禄, and 壽|寿 associated with the Three Stars 參宿|参宿 Chinese constellation
Sanmenxia, prefecture-level city in Henan
3rd rank of candidates who passed the imperial examination
"three-guarantee service": repair, exchange, refund
Sanmen county in Taizhou 台州, Zhejiang
Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong 羅貫中|罗贯中, one of the Four Classic Novels of Chinese literature, a fictional account of the Three Kingdoms at the break-up of the Han around 200 AD, portraying Liu Bei's 劉備|刘备 Shu Han 蜀漢|蜀汉 as heroes and Cao Cao's 曹操 Wei as villains
pedicab / tricycle
sedan (automobile body type)
third of the five night watch periods 23:00-01:00 (old) / midnight / also pr. [san1 jin1]
BWH, abbr. for a woman's three measurements, namely: bust 胸圍|胸围, waist 腰圍|腰围 and hip 臀圍|臀围
trigonometric function
Ku Klux Klan / KKK
triode (vacuum tube or transistor)
delta (geography)
Sanya, prefecture-level city, Hainan
Three Character Classic, 13th century reading primer consisting of Confucian tenets in lines of 3 characters
(slang) swearword / four-letter word
Sanming, prefecture-level city in Fujian
clover / trefoil
Sanmenxia, prefecture-level city in Henan
lacking three key attributes (or at least one of them)
salmon (loanword)
the Three Represents enunciated by Jiang Zemin 江澤民|江泽民 as the duty of the Chinese Communist party in 2001, namely: to represent productivity of an advanced society, forward progress of advanced culture and the fundamental interests of the people
the three annual periods of hot weather, namely 初伏, 中伏 and 末伏, which run consecutively over a period from mid-July to late August
tripod / derrick crane
"three public expenditures" of the PRC government, i.e. air travel, food and entertainment, and public vehicles
Sanlihe (Beijing street name)
International Women's Day 婦女節|妇女节, 8th March / foolish / stupid
two or three
several / three or five
Tripitaka (602-664), Tang dynasty Buddhist monk and translator who traveled to India 629-645 / same as 玄奘
(in former times) upper, middle and lower army / army of right, center and left / (in modern times) the three armed services: Army, Navy and Air Force
T-joint / T-piece / T-pipe / three links
The Thirty-Six Stratagems, a Chinese essay used to illustrate a series of stratagems used in politics, war, and in civil interaction / all the possible schemes and stratagems
Sanming, prefecture-level city in Fujian
three-dimensional space / 3D
the three no's (abbreviated catchphrase)
Joint Publishing, bookstore chain and publisher, founded in Hong Kong in 1948
melamine C3H6N6
sanxian, large family of 3-stringed plucked musical instruments, with snakeskin covered wooden soundbox and long neck, used in folk music, opera and Chinese orchestra
trigeminal nerve
briefs / panties
chloroform CHCl3 / trichloromethane
in a few words (idiom); expressed succinctly
Sanshui District of Foshan City 佛山市, Guangdong
third plenum of a national congress of the Chinese Communist Party
Tripitaka (602-664), Tang dynasty Buddhist monk and translator who traveled to India 629-645 / same as 玄奘
Santai county in Mianyang 綿陽|绵阳, north Sichuan
International Women's Day (March 8)
the Three Precious Treasures of Buddhism, namely: the Buddha , the Dharma (his teaching), and the Sangha (his monastic order)
lit. three humble visits to a thatched cottage / cf famous episode in the fictional Romance of Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义 in which Liu Bei 劉備|刘备 recruits Zhuge Liang 諸葛亮|诸葛亮 (the Hidden Dragon 臥龍|卧龙) to his cause by visiting him three times
pseudoginseng (Panax pseudoginseng), hemostatic herb
thirty years old and therefore independent (idiom, from Confucius)
Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River
the three rural issues: agriculture, rural areas and peasants
third (musical interval, e.g. do-mi)
Holy Trinity / trinity
Sanmen county in Taizhou 台州, Zhejiang
Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve, high plateau region of Qinghai containing the headwaters of Changjiang or Yangtze, Huanghe or Yellow River and Lancang or Mekong River
third category movie (containing sexual or violent content)
lit. twice every three days (idiom); practically every day / frequently
in twos and threes
Santai county in Mianyang 綿陽|绵阳, north Sichuan
separation of powers
the three legendary sovereigns of the third millennium BC: Suiren 燧人, Fuxi 伏羲 and Shennong 神農|神农, or 天皇, 地皇 and 人皇
three types of waste product, namely: waste water 廢水|废水, exhaust gas 廢氣|废气, industrial slag 廢渣|废渣
in the depth of the night / very late at night
Sanyuan County in Xianyang 咸陽|咸阳, Shaanxi
think again and again before acting (idiom); consider carefully in advance
archaeological site of Sanxingdui outside Chengdu (Sichuan), exhibiting remarkable bronze artifacts from the 11-12th centuries BC
(slang) threesome
all walks of life (idiom) / every trade
foreign, private and joint ventures
Sansui county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture 黔東南州|黔东南州, Guizhou
air ball (basketball)

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