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(a person's) age / CL: , 個|个
  *龄* | 龄* | *龄
age / length of experience, membership etc
of age / of the appropriate age
(of a girl) in the prime of youth
older (than average in a group, at school, for marriage etc)
old age / aging / aged / geriatric / the aged
of the same age
length of service / seniority
school age
party standing / age of service to the Party
Song Qingling (1893-1981), second wife of Sun Yat-sen 孫中山|孙中山, influential political figure in China after Sun's death in 1925
childbearing age
years of teaching experience / teaching experience
age (of a young woman)
length of married life / marriageable age / actual marrying age
advanced age / longevity / long life
length of military service
age of wine (i.e. how long it has been matured)
to become more youthful
length of experience as a driver
enlistment age
to maintain a youthful appearance
golden years (after the age of about 60)
old age / eighties, nineties, or greater (of age)
too old; overage / (of a young person's behavior or attributes) beyond one's years; adultlike
Ferdinand Augustin Hallerstein (1703-1774), Slovenian Jesuit missionary, astronomer and mathematician, spent 35 years at Emperor Qianlong's court
Soong Mei-ling (1898-2003), Chiang Kai-shek's second wife
Fang Xuanling (579-648), Tang dynasty historian, compiler of History of Jin dynasty 晉書|晋书
childhood (typically used in reference to an emperor)
Pu Songling (1640-1715), author of 聊齋志異|聊斋志异

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