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orderly / neat / even / tidy
  *齐* | 齐* | *齐
(name of states and dynasties at several different periods) / surname Qi
  *齐* | 齐* | *齐
neat / even / level with / identical / simultaneous / all together / to even sth out
Ürümqi or Urumqi, prefecture-level city and capital of Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region 新疆維吾爾自治區|新疆维吾尔自治区 in west China
to align / (typography) to justify
at the same time / simultaneously
(idiom) variable / uneven / irregular
to follow sb's example / to emulate / (of troops etc) to dress (come into alignment for parade formation)
see a worthy, think to imitate (idiom, from Analects); emulate the virtuous / Follow the example of a virtuous and wise teacher.
Qi of the Northern Dynasties (550-557)
good and bad people intermingled
Qi of Southern dynasties (479-502)
Mt Gang Rinpoche in Tibet / also called Mount Kailash
Nicolas Sarkozy (1955-), French UMP politician, President 2007-2012
to meet together / to assemble (of a group of people)
to make uniform / to even up / to make good a deficiency
Riwoqê county, Tibetan: Ri bo che rdzong, in Chamdo prefecture 昌都地區|昌都地区, Tibet
more likely than not / quite possible / on the cards
to touch up / to make even
to collect all the bits to make a whole
to left justify (typography)
Aceh province of Indonesia in northwest Sumatra / Aceh sultanate 16th-19th century
orderly / tidy
to right justify (typography)
to be all present
Qi of Southern dynasties (479-502)
Esterhazy (name)
centered alignment (typography)
Mt Gang Rinpoche in Tibet / also written 岡仁波齊|冈仁波齐
neat and tidy
Banda Aceh, capital of Aceh province of Indonesia in northwest Sumatra
centered alignment (typography)
Nicolas Sarkozy (1955-), French UMP politician, President 2007-2012 / also written 薩科齊|萨科齐
Mongolian daruqachi, local commander in Mongol and Yuan times
disorderly and uneven (idiom); irregular and disorderly
not well coordinated (idiom)

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