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to encourage
heartening (news) / to boost (morale) / CL: 個|个
to agitate / to arouse / to instigate / to encite
  *鼓* | 鼓* | *鼓
old variant of
  *鼓* | 鼓* | *鼓
drum / CL: , / to drum / to strike / to rouse / to bulge / to swell
a drum tower / Drum Tower, historic attraction in Xian, Beijing etc
Gulangyu, scenic island off Xiamen 廈門|厦门
to applaud / to clap
Tonggu county in Yichun 宜春, Jiangxi
bronze drum / (Western-style) drum
sound of a drum / drumbeat
drum beat / rhythm
a forced draft (of wind, for smelting metal) / blast (in blast furnace) / bellows / to draw air using bellows
to summon one's (courage, faith etc) / to puff up (one's cheeks etc) / to bulge / to swell out
bass drum
flower drum, a type of double-skinned Chinese drum / folk dance popular in provinces around the middle reaches of the Yangtze / (bicycle wheel) hub
Dangu district of Hengyang city 衡陽市|衡阳市, Hunan
to agitate for / to enthusiastically promote
in a spurt of energy
Drumtower city district (various) / Gulou district of Nanjing City 南京市, Jiangsu / Gulou or Drumtower district of Fuzhou city 福州市, Fujian
gongs and drums / Chinese percussion instruments
snare drum
eardrum / tympanum (of the middle ear) / tympanic membrane
to beat a drum / to play a drum / (fig.) to feel nervous
to tinker with / to incite
to fiddle with sth / to trade with sth
to swell / tympanites
beat the drum, pass the flower (game in which players sit in a circle passing a flower around while a drum is beaten – when the drumbeat stops, the player holding the flower must sing a song, answer a question, or drink a glass of wine etc)
waist drum / waist-drum dance (Han ethnic group folk dance)
a drum-shaped rattle (used by peddlers or as a toy) / rattle-drum
elated and excited (idiom); overjoyed
seething / fuming
Dangu district of Hengyang city 衡陽市|衡阳市, Hunan
lit. kept inside a drum (idiom) / fig. completely in the dark
Gushan or Kushan district of Kaohsiung city 高雄市, south Taiwan
rotary drum
Tonggu county in Yichun 宜春, Jiangxi
round and bulging / rotund / protruding
to puff up / to swell up / to inflate / to blow air into sth / (fig.) to encourage / to support
lit. to beat the return drum (idiom) / fig. to give up / to turn tail
full and bulging (of a pocket, pouch etc)
lit. lay down the flag and still the drums (idiom); fig. to cease / to give in
lit. to reorganize flags and drums (idiom); to regroup after a setback / to prepare for new initiatives / to attempt a comeback
bulging / bursting
lit. evening drum, morning bell (idiom); fig. Buddhist monastic practice / the passage of time in a disciplined existence
percussion instrument in the form of a bamboo fish (traditionally used by Daoist priests)
lit. morning bell, evening drum, symbolizing monastic practice (idiom); fig. encouragement to study or progress
tambourine (musical instrument) / bell and drum
Eustachian tube (linking the pharynx to the tympanic cavity 鼓室 of the middle ear) / auditory tube
early form of Chinese characters inscribed in stone, a precursor of the small seal 小篆
with great fanfare
a blast furnace (in modern times) / a draft assisted furnace for smelting metals
tympanic cavity (of the middle ear)
eardrum / tympanum (of the middle ear) / tympanic membrane
drum marking night watches / night watchman's clapper
(old) musicians at a wedding cortege or funeral procession / (fig.) trumpeter of sb's praises / booster
lit. gong facing gong, drum opposite drum (idiom) / fig. to come together to thrash out the issue face to face
double-ended skin drum with a narrow waist
not well coordinated (idiom)
to echo what sb said / to back sb up from the sidelines (in an argument)
to back sb up / to support sb in an argument / (lit. to beat nearby drum)
drum beat / rhythm
protruding eyes
to wag one's tongue / to speak glibly
lit. the hammer fits the drum (idiom); appropriate relation between the different parts / closely interrelated
small drum for marking time
beginning-school ceremony (old usage) / classical learning
to beat the drum and sound the gong (idiom); fig. to order an advance or retreat / to egg people on or to call them back
tom-tom drum (drum kit component)
drum and bass (music genre)
drumming to make apricots flower, cf joke by Tang Emperor Xuanzhong 唐玄宗, playing the drum in apricot blossom
lit. to beat a gong; fig. to irritate sb / a provocation
opening gong / gong strokes announcing start of opera performance
floor tom (drum kit component)
lit. two armies have equivalent banners and drums (idiom); fig. evenly matched / roughly comparable (opponents)
to raise a storm / to stir up trouble / to instigate
percussion instrument in the form of a bamboo fish (traditionally used by Daoist priests)
drum practice pad (music) / a practice drum (music)
encouraging / heartening
lit. to tune one's zither then play it; fig. to live by the consequences of one's actions / to make one's bed then lie on it
drum kit
lit. to drum on a bowl / refers to Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子 grieving for his lost wife / fig. grief for a lost wife
discouraging / disheartening
tom-tom (drum)
to advocate / to praise
to beat the drum and sound the gong (idiom); fig. to order an advance or retreat / to egg people on or to call them back
cajón (musical instrument)
hydraulic bellows / water-driven ventilation (for metal smelting furnace)
Altair (star)
drum kit (Tw)
cajón (musical instrument)
to understand the unspoken implications (idiom)

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