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  *骨* | 骨* | *骨
diaphysis (long segment of a bone) / fig. backbone
pork chop / pork cutlet / spare ribs / (coll.) skinny person
bone / CL: , 塊|块 / moral character / bitterness
orthopedics / orthopedic surgery
bones / skeleton
framework / skeleton
oracle script / oracle bone inscriptions (an early form of Chinese script)
to suffer a fracture / (of a bone) to break / fracture
keel / dragon bones (ancient bones used in TCM)
bone marrow (medulla ossea)
bone ash / ashes of the dead
collarbone / clavicle
muscles and bones / physique / strength / courage
(dialect) veteran actor / old trouper
fish bone
to have one's hair stand on end (idiom) / to feel one's blood run cold
lit. carved in bones and engraved in the heart (idiom) / fig. etched in one's memory / unforgettable
lofty and unyielding character
unyielding character / courageous spirit / integrity / moral backbone
bone china (fine white porcelain made from a mixture of clay and bone ash)
ribs / frame
pubis / pubic bone
blood relation / kin / one's flesh and blood
bony / skinny
strength of character / vigorous style (of calligraphy)
striated muscle
beneath the surface / fundamentally / at the deepest level
skull (of a dead body)
zygomatic bone (cheek bone)
to shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones (idiom); born again Daoist / to turn over a new leaf / fig. to change wholly / to create from other material (story, artwork etc)
bones of the dead
skeleton of the dead
ingrained / entrenched / deep-rooted
sciatic nerve
bone formation / osteogenesis
exoskeleton (the carapace of insects, crabs etc)
radius (anatomy) / bone of the forearm
(coll.) flower bud
spur / bony outgrowth
tortoise shell and animal bones used in divination / oracle bone inscriptions (an early form of Chinese script)
lit. torn body and crushed bones (idiom) / fig. to die horribly / to sacrifice one's life
kneecap / patella
scapula / shoulder blade
blatant / unsubtle / frank / (of sex, violence etc) explicit
lower jaw / mandible
box for bone ashes / funerary casket
fibula / calf bone
joint (of the skeleton)
sternum / breastbone
multiple myeloma (medicine)
skeleton / skeletal remains
backbone / mainstay / pillar / definite view / one's own judgment
(physiognomy) protruding bone at the back of the head, regarded as a sign of a renegade nature
ossicles (of the middle ear) / three ossicles, acting as levers to amplify sound, namely: stapes or stirrup bone 鐙骨|镫骨, incus or anvil bone 砧骨, malleus or hammer bone 錘骨|锤骨
bone marrow transplant
to the bone / to the marrow / fig. to a very large degree
chondropathy (medicine)
as thin as a match / emaciated (idiom)
tiger bone (used in TCM)
collagen (protein)
black-boned chicken / silky fowl / silkie / Gallus gallus domesticus Brisson
aggregate (sand or gravel used in concrete 混凝土)
metacarpal bone (long bones in the hand and feet)
to hate sb to the bone (idiom)
to ossify / ossification
bone meal
(dialect) critical juncture / crucial moment / Taiwan pr. [jie2 gu5 yan3]
periosteum (membrane covering bone)
bone chilling wind (idiom)
pubic bone
weary old body (colloquial term, used jocularly or irreverently)
epiphysis (end of a long bone)
sacrum (anatomy) / bone forming the base of the spinal column
(dead) human remains
skull / cranium
maxilla (upper jaw)
cytoskeleton (of a cell)
posture / upright posture
lit. interrelated as bones and flesh (idiom); inseparably related / closely intertwined
bony fishes / Osteichthyes (taxonomic class including most fish)
bak-kut-teh or pork ribs soup, popular in Malaysia and Singapore
to suffer serious injury (idiom)

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