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to expel / to deport / banishment
to drive / to propel / drive (vehicle wheel) / drive mechanism (tape or disk) / device driver (computing software)
  *驱* | 驱* | *驱
variant of 驅|驱
  *驱* | 驱* | *驱
old variant of 驅|驱
  *驱* | 驱* | *驱
to expel / to urge on / to drive / to run quickly
device driver (computing software)
precursor / pioneer
CD or DVD Drive / abbr. for 光盤驅動器|光盘驱动器
to drive out devils / to exorcise
driving force
to urge / to prompt / to spur on / to order sb about
to disperse / to break up
destroyer (warship)
to drive (vehicle) / to drive out / to chase away / to herd (people towards a gate)
to drive off / to dispel / to expel
to run neck and neck / to keep pace with / to keep abreast of / on a par with one another
to drive out devils / exorcism
to warm oneself / to expel the cold (TCM)
to drive away
to march straight in unchallenged (military) (idiom) / (fig.) to push deep into the heart of sth / to flood in
to drive away / to dispel
bad money drives out good money (economics)
drive wheel
disk drive
CD or DVD drive / abbr. to 光驅|光驱
banishment order / expulsion warrant
expel the Manchu, revolutionary slogan from around 1900
to urge (sb to do do sth) / to drive (sb to take an action)
to order (sb) about / (by extension) to put to use
to expel pestilences
International Herald Tribune
to exorcise / to drive out evil spirits
concept-driven processing
(psychological) driving force / drive
wards off disease
four-wheel drive
to deport / to expel
all-wheel drive
four-by-four (vehicle) / 4x4

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