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  *骗* | 骗* | *骗
to cheat / to swindle / to deceive / to get on (a horse etc) by swinging one leg over
to defraud / to swindle / to blackmail
to deceive / to cheat
to be cheated / to be taken in / to be hoodwinked
swindler / a cheat
a swindle / a trap / a racket / a scam / CL: 場|场
swindler / itinerant con-man
to cheat sb / a scam
to entice / to lure / to scam / to hoodwink / to decoy
to gain by cheating
to cheat / to deceive
to deceive / to cheat
to hoodwink / to deceive / to dupe sb
variant of 矇騙|蒙骗
(Internet slang) flattering photo (pun on 照片) / photoshopped picture
trick / deceit
to swindle / to cheat
(idiom) to dupe people by passing oneself off as a well-connected individual or a figure of authority
Ponzi scheme
to defraud / to swindle
to trick sb into having sex
swindle / abduct
to cajole / to sweet talk sb into doing sth
scam / fraud
to cheat / to swindle
cheat / swindler
to deceive / to conceal
to swindle
to cheat sb into confessing / to induce a confession
to cheat (sb out of sth) / to swindle (sb out of sth)

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