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  *馬* | 馬* | *馬
surname Ma / abbr. for Malaysia 馬來西亞|马来西亚
  *馬* | 馬* | *馬
horse / CL: / horse or cavalry piece in Chinese chess / knight in Western chess
horse race / horse racing
Rome, capital of Italy
Malaya / Malaysia
at once / right away / immediately / on horseback (i.e. by military force)
Matsu Islands off Fujian, administered by Taiwan
the Jockey Club, Hong Kong philanthropic organization (and former gentleman's club)
motor (loanword)
Malaysian language
Ma'anshan prefecture-level city in Anhui
horse race / to ride a horse at a fast pace / wet dream
Mark (name)
street / road / CL: 條|条
chamber pot / wooden pan used as toilet / toilet bowl
Malaysian (language)
at once / immediately / promptly / swiftly
armored horse / cavalry / metal chimes hanging from eaves / steel barricade / (Tw) bike
Happy Valley (suburb of Hong Kong)
Ma Ying-jeou (1950-), Taiwanese Kuomintang politician, Mayor of Taipei 1998-2006, president of Republic of China 2008-2016
marathon (loanword)
Marat (name) / Jean-Paul Marat (1743-1793), Swiss scientist and physician
mosaic (loanword) / pixelation
mug (loanword)
macaron, French pastry with a soft filling sandwiched between the meringue-based cookie shells (loanword)
dark horse / fig. unexpected winner
Mawei district of Fuzhou city 福州市, Fujian
ponytail (hairstyle) / horse's tail / slender fibers like horse's tail (applies to various plants)
Marseille, city in south France / Basay, one of the indigenous peoples of Taiwan
Madrid, capital of Spain
Makung city in Penghu county 澎湖縣|澎湖县 (Pescadores Islands), Taiwan
zebra / CL:
Martin (name)
BMW (car company)
precious horse
Gospel according to St Matthew
the Latin alphabet
Marco Polo (1254-c. 1324), Venetian trader and explorer who traveled the Silk road to China, author of Il Milione (Travels of Marco Polo)
Gospel according to St Mark
Manila, capital of Philippines
wooden horse / rocking horse / vaulting horse (gymnastics) / trojan horse (computing)
the Maldives (Tw)
to set out (on a campaign) / to stand for election / to throw one's cap in the ring
Minister of War (official title in pre-Han Chinese states) / two-character surname Sima
water-filled barrier
(lit.) to fall from a horse / (fig.) to suffer a setback / to come a cropper / to be sacked (e.g. for corruption)
Ma'anshan prefecture-level city in Anhui
equestrianism / horsemanship
the Maldives
to ride a horse
Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards
at the gallop
Lok Ma Chau (place in Hong Kong)
Marshall (name) / George Catlett Marshall (1880-1959), US general in WWII and Secretary of State 1947-1949, author of the postwar Marshall plan for Europe and Nobel peace laureate
colt / pony
Taiwanese variant of 奧巴馬|奥巴马, Barack Obama (1961-), US Democrat politician, president 2009-2017
abbr. for Singapore 新加坡 and Malaysia 馬來西亞|马来西亚
Makung city in Penghu county 澎湖縣|澎湖县 (Pescadores Islands), Taiwan
Thomas (male name)
horse's head / same as 碼頭|码头, pier
(dialect) merchant (loanword)
Malaysian person or people
lit. ten thousand mile horse / fine steed
gamma (Greek letter Γγ) (loanword)
cart / chariot / carriage / buggy
Guatemala (Tw)
Mazda, Japanese car make (derived from name Matsuda 松田) / also known as 萬事得|万事得
Gumma prefecture in northern Japan
to urge on a horse using a whip or spurs
corset / sockpuppet (Internet slang) / vest (dialect)
celestial horse (mythology) / fine horse / Ferghana horse / (western mythology) Pegasus
ultramarathon / abbr. for 超級馬拉松|超级马拉松
men and horses / troops / group of people / troop / staff / centaur
Lima, capital of Peru
Sima Guang (1019-1086), politician and historian of Northern Song, author of Comprehensive Mirror for aid in Government 資治通鑒|资治通鉴
feral horse / free-roaming horse / wild horse
figurines of warriors and horses buried with the dead / Terracotta Army (historic site)
herd of horses
sea horse / hippocampus
Hummer (vehicle brand)
to cross the street
Malaysia Airlines
The Bahamas
Epistle of St Paul to the Romans

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